Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our First Cruise

So last Sunday, June 14th, we flew to Florida to head out for our cruise! Neither of us had ever been on one and we both really enjoyed it! We left bright and early that morning and didn't get to say goodbye to Keaton. I was really sad and shed some tears but luckily we were rushing so I didn't have too much time to dwell on it. We were cruising with Kyle's parents, and brothers Bryce and Brad with his wife Amanda. Once we arrived in Florida I talked to my mom and she said Keaton woke up jumping in his crib saying, "Mom-meee!!" like he normally does and when she opened the door he had a big smile on his face expecting me but quickly realized we were telling the truth when we told him we wouldn't be there that morning. She reminded him that we were gone and he just plopped down on his bed and cried while saying, "No! Mommy. Daddy." That just broke my heart and of course I cried some more but she then told me she told him when he was ready to get up to just call for her and she'd come get him. Sure enough about 10 min. later he called for Moe to come get him and he was happy as a lark the rest of the week!

Leaving Florida for the open sea!!

Our First Dinner.

Monday: we headed to Coco Cay which is an island owned by Royal Caribbean. The entire day was spent laying out in a chair that was partially submerged in the ocean just visiting with each other. SO NICE!! We also secretly made fun of a guy walking around in a "banana hammock"!! Yuck! =)

Dinner after our day of laying out on Coco Cay!

Tuesday: After spending all day Monday in the sun we hung out in the shade and did some gambling. We also saw an amazing magic show and a hilarious comedian!!

Wednesday: We arrived at St. Thomas and first headed to Megan's Bay. We had heard it was one of National Geographic's top 10 beaches in the world so we were really excited to see it but we all ended up liking the beach we went to the next day better. It was still gorgeous and maybe if it wasn't overcast (it rained for about 5 min too) it would have been better. After a couple hours at the beach we saw the town and some went to some shops before heading back to the ship.

Thursday: We arrived at St. Maarten and this was all of our favorite!! It was sooo gorgeous and exactly what I had envisioned the islands would be like! First we rode 4 wheelers to a beautiful beach and then had lunch and did some more shopping. We found the best deals here and ended up getting Keaton a backpack that pops out into a towel and stocked up on good liquor for cheap, that I wont be able to enjoy for a few more months! =)

26 Week Belly Pic!

Friday and Saturday: These two days were both spent at sea headed back to Florida. We slept until 10 and then spent the day laying out by the pool while we read and drank yummy drinks (again, VIRGIN for me!!). We also saw the Farewell show that included great dancers and singers and another funny comedian. This time the comedy was G rated as opposed to the R rating of the first comedy show we saw! =)

Our Last Supper!

Sunday: At the airport we saw LL Cool J with two humongous body guards and his wife! It was pretty cool and I tried to zoom in and get a picture but they came out fuzzy and dark for some reason! It was still exciting! =)

I was sooo excited to get back home and hold, hug and kiss my little baby!! He was so excited to see us and just ran to us with the biggest smile on his face while he was cracking up and yelling, "Mom-mee, Dad-dee!!". It just melted our hearts and he LOVED his St. Maarten towel backpack! He didn't want to take it off!

Daddy had to help him pose because he couldn't figure out how to model it while still showing us that adorable face!!

The trip was amazing and we both came back rejuvenated and relaxed! We loved having all week with our family and just had so much fun spending time with them! The food was delicious and we definitely took advantage of it being all you can eat!! =) Kyle bought a gym membership on Monday after we got back, hehe!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Name Change and A Birthday

Well we just returned form our 7 day cruise on Sunday and I must say...IT WAS FABULOUS!!! =) We had a blast and had so much relaxation I am now a new mom/woman! =) I missed Keaton terribly but I knew he was having fun with his grandparents and cousins! I will give you all the details about what we did with pictures on my next post!!

So yes, there has been a name change...I previously told you that if we had a girl her name would be Kambrey Lynn, well not anymore. We've decided that if it's a boy it will still be
Carter Ray

but if it's a girl it will be

Karter Lynn

Do you love it? I love it!! So I don't really care if you like it or not, hehe!! =) We decided this because since we don't know the sex yet the baby has just become C/Karter. Keaton calls it by name all the time! He pats my belly and says, "Cart-er", he tells it goodnight by name (my parents said every night while we were gone on the cruise he would say it's name!), we've just kinda all started calling it C/Karter and I can't imagine calling it anything else regardless of the sex. I liked it with a K for a girl from the beginning so I'm really glad it worked out this way. We figured that if it's a girl it will be special to name it Karter with the cute story attached to it and if we had another girl in the future we could always use Kambrey then. =) Karter wouldn't be as special of a name if we waited for girl number 2 so we just had to use it now! I love it and just can't wait to find out if I'll be lovin' on Carter with a C or Karter with a K!!

Kyle turned 28 yesterday!!! Happy Birthday Baby!!!!! We had a delicious meal at Lupe Tortilla with our family and it was such a wonderful time! He opened some great gifts and then we sang Happy Birthday and ate the Red Velvet cake I had made. I asked him if he wanted me to make a CARS cake like Keaton's but he declined. Needless to say, his cake wasn't nearly as pretty! =)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was a busy one but so much fun because it was spent with childhood friends and family!

On Saturday I went to my friend Paige's baby shower. She looks soooo amazing and is just beautiful pregnant! It was so good to see her and her twin sister, Stacey! The 3 of us have so many memories growing up together and still after all these years we are so close! We don't get to see each other as much as we would like (we all left the state for a while) but now that we're all back in Texas at the same time hopefully we'll be seeing more of each other! The shower was a lot of fun and I got some ideas for things to register/ask for...hello diaper bag!! =) Love it Paige!

The 2 Pregos!

Just like old times! =)

Then that evening I went to another friend that I've known since Elementary, Kristel's, wedding reception. Her and TJ got married in May and are expecting a little girl in July! They make such a cute couple and I am so happy for them! The dinner was a lot of fun and seeing more friends was a blast.

Another beautiful pregnant friend! =)

Jaimie, Kristel, Me, and Joy...LOVE IT!

Sunday we went to Kyle's family reunion and had a great time with cousins, etc. Most of the people we didn't know but Kyle's mom really enjoyed showing off her kids and especially Keaton to everyone! My aunt asked me to bring my Scentsy stuff so she could look at it and all morning I kept reminding myself not to forget it so by the time we were half way to El Campo I remembered the diaper bag. Actually I remembered that I had forgotten the diaper bag, hehe! But of course I didn't forget my Scentsy stuff!! =) Keaton was fine because I borrowed diapers from our cousin but he was barefoot the whole day because of it. Oh well, I really don't think anybody even noticed! He sure didn't seem to mind! My aunts and cousins loved Scentsy and I got my first orders. I am just loving this stuff! You'd think I would calm down after the initial excitement but I just seem to get more into it! =) I think that's a good thing though, it means I'm enjoying what I'm doing, right?!

Monday continued to be fun and spent with friends. I met JoDee for lunch and shopping (without Mr. Keaton!!) so it was a wonderful time! We loved catching up and it was nice to walk around with another adult and have some time to myself! Moms just have to have that!

I am feeling very blessed for the long friendships and family that I have! I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Endeavor

Did you notice the new addition to my blog? Not yet? Over there on the top right, see it! =)Well, I am VERY excited to tell yall about my new hobby/job! I am now selling Scentsy candles and I can't tell you how excited I am! Seriously, I am such a nerd, it's ridiculous! I can't fall asleep because I'm thinking about it so much and after I wake up at 4 AM to pee (this baby never gives me a break during the night!) I can't go back to sleep for the same reason! I think about all the things I could print out, parties, which scents I like... I told you I was a nerd! =)
Seriously though I just LOVE this stuff! They are wickless/flameless candles so they can burn for 24 hours a day (like a lamp) and you don't have to worry about burning your house down if you accidentally leave it on! A bulb melts the wax and it fills the whole room with whatever yummy scent you picked out! The bulb doesn't get too hot either so if you, your kids or pets touch the warmer or the wax you wont get burned! They're also a lot prettier than candles! My candles always turn black around the glass and start looking really ugly, these don't and there's so many styles you're bound to find one to go with your house decor! They also have plug ins (which I love for the bathroom or kitchen because they don't take up counter space!), room spray, and car candles. Check out my website: to look at the catalog and all that we offer!

If you're interested in FREE STUFF (whoo-hoo!) you can host an in-home presentation party, open house, or basket party. Basket parties are an easy way to qualify for free stuff without having people over. You just bring my basket of samples and catalogs to your office, family get togethers, or anywhere you think people will be to buy from you! =)

I'm really excited to be doing this with a few of my friends!! It's a fun way to make some extra money, every girl loves candles right?!?! All this info about the candles, the parties, making your order, or even starting your own business selling Scentsy can be found at my website. It doesn't matter where you live (near or far from me!)...Let me know if you have any questions!!