Friday, April 23, 2010

Brennar Ray

Well my blogs are ALMOST caught up...YAY!

On April 13th my new nephew, Brenner Ray, came into this world!! It was so awesome because I actually got to be in the operating room during his c-section birth!!

Talk about cool, what a miracle!!

My sister, like me, waited to find out the sex. She already has 2 boys and we just KNEW this one was a girl. Her first two pregnancies were a lot alike and this one was completely different. She carried differently, she was oh so moody, all the tall tale signs of a girl! But to our surprise, it was a boy! Not knowing made it all the more exciting!

Another cool fact about his birth is, for those of you that remember...April 13th is the anniversary of my car wreck when a drunk driver hit me. That date has always been known to my family/friends as "my second birthday" because it was the day that God spared my life! So now a new life was given on that day and it's great to replace the scary memory I have on that date with a new beautiful one!

Me and my sister Carrie

Brennar's Aunt, Parents, Grandparents, and Great Grandpa awaiting his arrival!

We make hairnets look GOOD! =)

Me, my mom and Cody! (don't ask me why my moms eyes are open so wide, we laughed about that for a while when we were looking through pics, silly lady!)

Love at first sight!

Brennar Ray-Ray after my Dad's middle name!

Ahhh, BLISS!! You forget how small those newborns are!!
Congratulations Carrie and Cody, your baby boy is wonderfully delicious!! We love you Brennar!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Still catching up on blogs =) ...

Easter was a lot of fun, as is any holiday spent with our families and the little ones! =) A week before Easter we started with our town Easter egg hunt and Keaton had a lot of fun looking at the animals and hanging out with his friends. As you can see the eggs were really hard to find, haha, so he got bored pretty quick and was ready to go once he had about 20 eggs. =)

Karter came along for the ride!

Easter weekend we went to my sisters house and dyed eggs with all Keaton's cousins. He was really in the zone when he was coloring the eggs! He wanted nothing to do with swirls, stickers or mixing colors. He wanted each egg one whole color and that was it, he took it very seriously. hehe!

Mommy put stickers on this one, but only this one!

Sunday the kids did great at church and then it was a packed day at my parents house for lunch, then off to Kyle's parents house for dinner. All in all Keaton had a total of 4 egg hunts, whew! Among the egg hoopla we did get across the real reason for Easter to Keaton and enjoyed reading his Easter book about Jesus!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ALS Success!

This is my first blogging attempt to catch up...blogging lately has felt like a homework assignment that I haven't completed and it's just hanging over my head, ridiculous I know! So in my attempt to catch up on fun pics and things going on here I will start with the ALS walk!!

What an honor it was to raise money and walk in honor of Kyle's PawPaw, Audice! He was such a great man and I know he was smiling down on us as his wife, kids, grandkids, and great grandkids walked in his name! It made me feel very proud to be a part of it! There were other men there in wheelchairs, some with feeding tubes, with their teams. It was so sad to see them because having seen PawPaw go through that I know what they're experiencing. I pray there is a cure for the horrible disease soon!!

We're still taking donations so it's not too late to go to my website and donate!

Karter with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brad!

Keaton and Daddy making mile 3!!

Keaton with his balloon gun!