Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

What a fun and busy week! Honestly we didn't do anything big trips, no awesome new locations that we checked out, just lots of time together and go go go!! =) We went to a park almost everyday, had multiple playdates at friends houses, lots of birthday parties (Keaton's included, that post next!), and 3 slumber parties, it was just a great week with the kids!

Karter modeling her bow...hamming it up for the camera! =)

Storytime with Daddy!

My 3 LOVES!!

Picnic in the backyard!

They love eachother so much!!

Burger King fun!

They love to hold hands and of course I LOVE it too!!

I love watching them interact together, they're going to be so close! Can't wait to see what #3 does to the mix! =) Updates on that coming soon too!! I have some catching up to do!! =)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Give a Little, Feel a LOT!!

So we know "when you give, you get", but you also FEEL SO GOOD!!!! I love knowing my money or purchase went to help someone out, find a cure, provide goods/service, anything!

Today there are 3 ways you could give back!

  1. Let me introduce you to my friend James! He is such a wonderful guy and has an amazing project that he needs help finishing! Please look over his blog and kickstarter page and hopefully you'll feel compelled to give a little! He soooo deserves this and I can't wait to watch all his hard work come to life on the big screen! =)
  2. Kyle and I are participating in the ALS Walk To Defeat next weekend in Houston and are asking for donations. This is special to us, as we lost Kyle's Pawpaw to ALS and saw how difficult the disease is to go through. I hope they find a cure soon so nobody has to suffer that way! Check out our website at
  3. Last but certainly not least you can shop all day today at Forever 21 and 100% of your purchase is donated to help Japan!! What an amazing way to give! You shop (LOVE!), get things you want and need (LOVE!), but also give to an amazing cause (LOVE!!!!)!
So go and give a little, you'll get and feel A LOT!!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

16 Weeks 4 Days

So I know I haven't done a pregnancy post just yet but to be honest the whole first trimester is spent reminding yourself you're pregnant because you're not showing yet (although this pregnancy I felt fatter the instant I saw a positive sign, haha!) and you can't feel the baby move yet, so besides being exhausted and peeing every 30 minutes, there's nothing really happening just yet!

Although that's not true because inside you, A LOT is happening, it's AMAZING! We had an ultrasound about 3 weeks ago and it was awesome to see this actual baby moving around on the screen but I can't even feel it yet because it's actually so tiny! Pregnancy just blows my mind, it's such a miracle! It's very "alienesque" (yes, I made that word up) to have something moving and growing inside of you! I LOVE IT!! =)

So I am going to copy my friend Holly and fill out my Pregnancy Updates! =) ENJOY!!!!

How far along? 16 weeks

Baby's size? avocado...about 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces!

Weight Gain? I don't own a scale but I think at my last appt. it was about 5 lbs. I'll for sure check next time because I need to write it into my pregnancy calendar, I'm sure that number has GROWN, hehe!!!

Sleep? I am just now getting a full nights sleep, or at least only waking up to pee once instead of the first trimester when I was waking up 4-5 times and it was driving me CRAZY!!!

Foods I am loving/hating? For some reason Mexican food hasn't been sounding all the great which is odd because I LOVE IT and could normally eat it multiple times a week. I still eat it occasionally but it usually doesn't sound too good. Besides that I'm loving pickles, limon' chips, berries, and choc chip cookies! =) Funny because it's kind of a combination of foods I loved from each pregnancy so that doesn't help me with the guessing of the sex at all!!

Movement? I felt a few flutters weeks ago but nothing since. I'm right there when frequent movement starts happening and I can't wait to feel my little baby on a daily basis!!

Symptoms? Now that I'm not in the first trimester I've got my energy back and I'm feeling really good! I can say that this pregnancy has caused me some major gas pains!! Yes, I said can giggle!! My stomach has been so rumbly and pains that make me want to hit the ground in the fetal position. Don't let that freak you out, it's nothing serious...just gas pains, hehe! =) I've also had the wonderful pregnancy breakouts that make you feel like you're 16 again, fun! Overall I feel great! I've been blessed to have 3 easy pregnancies without any throwing up, thank God! I've actually always loved being pregnant, hopefully this one will continue to go as easily as it has been!

Finally some pictures!! It cracks me up because with each pregnancy you show sooner than the one before! I can't wait to have the full on belly because right now my real clothes are too small but maternity clothes are too big so I basically live in sweats! =)

I feel much larger than this!

16 week belly!

Keaton ringing the baby's "doorbell" (since my bellybutton seems to stick out super early and lead the way for the rest of my belly, they call it the doorbell! haha!)

He's so excited!! Love him! =)