Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

What a fun and busy week! Honestly we didn't do anything big trips, no awesome new locations that we checked out, just lots of time together and go go go!! =) We went to a park almost everyday, had multiple playdates at friends houses, lots of birthday parties (Keaton's included, that post next!), and 3 slumber parties, it was just a great week with the kids!

Karter modeling her bow...hamming it up for the camera! =)

Storytime with Daddy!

My 3 LOVES!!

Picnic in the backyard!

They love eachother so much!!

Burger King fun!

They love to hold hands and of course I LOVE it too!!

I love watching them interact together, they're going to be so close! Can't wait to see what #3 does to the mix! =) Updates on that coming soon too!! I have some catching up to do!! =)


The Siegert Family said...

oh my goodness. they are too cute for words..looks like they will be super close.. LOVE IT!!

Blondie said...

I love Karter's bow. And I just love how they look so happy together without a care in the world! Such a beautiful "growing" family... I LOVE IT; miss you guys!