Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Belly Proud

I love Tori Spelling!  This summer she got a lot of attention (good and bad) about the swimsuit choices she decided to wear while being preggers.  I can't even believe it's an issue...she looked amazing and what's more beautiful than a pregnant woman?  I LOVED being pregnant and was never embarrassed about my belly, I loved my belly!!  There's nothing better than rubbing it and watching your baby move, knowing that you are growing a human inside you is a truth I still can't wrap my head around! 

So lately she has been posting some amazing blogs about being Belly Proud and I've loved them!  She also asked that if you are belly proud you post some pics of your own!  So here are the links to her blogs and here are my belly proud pics!

God's greatest gift and biggest miracle...LIFE! 

Belly Underwater in the Frio River!
 Baby Shower Belly!

 Belly Proud Friends!
 Belly in St. Martin!
 On the way to hospital!
Nothing better than belly kisses!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grace Adele

Well Scentsy Inc. has expanded yet again! 

This time with Grace Adele, a collection of bags, accessories, and jewelry! 

Some of you might be wondering just how many things I'm selling these days..haha...let me explain - Scentsy has done what no other direct sales company has ever done by creating a parent company, with 3 brands that give you ONE paycheck! You can choose to sell one, two or all three brands!

So for example, I signed up to sell all three (Scentsy, Velata, and Grace Adele) so I can sell all 3 and recruit people under all 3 brands to grow my team!  I get paid 25% of all that I sell from all the brands in ONE paycheck!

That's me though...

Say you love purses/jewelry and only wanted to sell Grace Adele but don't want to deal with Scentsy and could sign up from my website as a Grace Adele consultant and that would be the 1 brand you sell,  BUT here's the BEST can still recruit people under you to sell any or all of the brands!! 

Did you get that??

You sell 1 brand but you can still recruit for all 3 brands!!

So while you sell Grace Adele, maybe your friend has been thinking of selling Velata so they can sign up under you even though you don't sell it!  Why?? 

Because it's all under Scentsy Incorporated...3 brands = 1 paycheck!! 

This makes it WAY easier to get your team larger and make you more money!! 

Photo: Introducing Grace Adele

Scentsy has been so successful, they're in the media everywhere!  I currently am on my way to earning an all expense vacation through them and if you sign up you could too!  There is nothing better than working for a company that gives back!!  Let me know if you have any questions!!  You can email me at

Here is a link to the launch video so you can see how the bags work!

Photo: Style is what you make it. Make it Grace Adele