Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scentsy High

Right now I am on a Scentsy HIGH!!

We had a training yesterday, Scentsy Sprint, and it was amazing to hear some of the success stories of other consultants! I had never been to a Scentsy training and it was...WOW! The people that I work for are AMAZING! They are so concerned with giving back, not only to their consultants but to their community! They reward us with cruises, IPAD, Kindles, you name it! AND our charity warmer for the Fall/Winter catalog made about $500,000 to give to Susan G. Comen in CASH! Our next charity warmer is Autism so hopefully it will be just as successful!

Some of these women yesterday just blew me away, they are really banking and it got me so excited and pumped about doing more with my business. I know the more I put into it the more I'll get out and honestly I've done really well without doing much at all so I'm excited to see what putting even more effort into it will do! =)

I signed up to sell it about a year and half ago and I'm shocked at how my business has grown. I really signed up to just make a little extra money here and there but wasn't thinking about really moving up the ladder or anything. I LOVED the product so I thought it would be the perfect way to make extra money! Then once I signed up I got a few people signed up under me and did some parties and sales increased and I found myself moving up without having to do much at all! I aimed to do 1 party a month, that's it, and it was a fun night with other women away from the kids and they just love the product so I don't feel like I'm really pushing something on them, they just truly want it and that's why they come back to buy more!

If you or anyone you know has been looking for something to make some extra money this month is actually perfect because you would pay the same starter kit price ($99) but you would get the Fall/Winter scents and catalogs that are closing out AND the new Spring/Summer scents and catalogs that start in March! If you sign up after Feb you just get the Spring/Summer. That's really all you need but it's nice to have those older catalogs as your "throw aways" I guess you could call them so you could pass them out, leave them at salons, dr. offices, etc to advertise and get people to contact you! Also a lot of the Fall/Winter scents return during the next Fall/Winter catalog so you'd already have some of those scent testers! Just more for your money! =)

Once you signed up, how would you get started?? The BEST way to get started is to host an Open House. I had mine on a Thursday from about 6-9 and invited neighbors, friends, family...anybody and tell them to bring some friends! Then I had a few snacks and drinks, nothing too fancy and let people come and go to smell the scents and view the catalogs. This party introduces everybody to your product and then you will usually get a party booked by somebody and then the ball is rolling! You can also enter your party on your website so if you have any out of town or out of state family or friends that wanted to order they can still order to benefit your party! And you're the host so you would receive ALL the free and 1/2 priced products which is a great way to gain some stock (that you didn't pay full price for!) to keep at your house when people need to buy a quick gift! =)

I'm just really excited and I can honestly say I LOVE IT!! Let me know if you have any questions or pass this along if you think someone you know would be interested in signing up or having a party! It doesn't matter what state you're in, even Canada (and soon Europe!), I can help you!!!

Here's my webite if you decide to take the leap just go here and click JOIN:

This month most of the products are 10% off so now is the time to stock up your scents!!

Feel free to ask me any questions!!! =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keaton's First Hunting Participation

This post is LONG overdue but Kyle had these pictures saved on his work computer and I kept forgetting to get them off...but better late than never!!

For those of you who don't know my husband, he loves hunting! He's done it all his life and besides his family and friends, it's his biggest passion! All of that passion has been passed down to Mr. Keaton!! We've always taken Keaton to the Ranch and he has always loved riding around on the tractor or ranger, exploring outside, and just being a BOY! But this year was his first time to start hunting...well not hunting with a real gun himself, but actually going on dove hunts while Kyle shot, or sitting in the blind with Kyle while he waited for a deer or hog! Keaton has loved it and even pretends to hunt almost everyday out of his playhouse in the backyard or his tent inside the house! It's adorable! Kyle has created a hunting monster and I already feel for Keaton's future wife! =)

Keaton's first dove hunt at the Ranch was with the Sechrist boys. Their dad and Kyle have been best friends since Jr. High which makes it all the more amusing to watch these kids together now! I LOVE IT!!

Logan, Keaton, and Caden on the ranger.

Movie Time!

Keaton, Logan, and Keaton's class dog, Puddles! =)

Karter and Daddy!

They're so proud!


Keaton with his Dad and Pop after his first bird hunt!

Keaton and Daddy!

Cleanin' those dirty boys!


Keaton and Karter
Keaton and Logan

All the kiddos...adorable! =)

Daddy got a deer!

Here's the pics of Keaton pretending in the backyard. Notice he has 3 chairs in for him, one for pretend Caden, and one for pretend Logan! Awwwwww!!!

This one cracks me up of him telling me to "shhhh!" so I wouldn't scare the deer away! He was talking to daddy and Mr. Reef (Heath) on the phone from his blind, asking them if they saw any animals yet! =)