Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy x3

Happy Birthday Heath!
Happy Father's Day!
Happy Birthday Kyle!

Last weekend was filled with Happiness! =)

Saturday night we hosted a surprise party for Kyle's best friend Heath. I always get a little anxious with surprise party's because I don't want to miss them arriving and ruin everything! But everyone showed up on time and the party was a huge success! We had a lot of fun hanging out with great friends just enjoying the conversation over yummy food and drinks! It got a little crazy as the night went on (could have been because of the adult beverages??) but let's just say there was tackling, drop kicking, laughing, flip cup, beer pong, laughing, oh and by the end of the night 1/2 the guys were in their skivvies due to a drinkin' game!!?? I'm just sayin'! =)

Some of the ladies! (Please ignore the hideous wallpaper!)

The boys!

Rachel, Me, Carrie and Abby

Julie getting a kiss from the b-day boy! He gave quite a few of those out! =)

Me and Jules!

I told you it got rowdy! Carrying the b-day boy to the grass for a beating?!?!

This was the popular picture of the night. Caught just perfectly before Jason went down. These boys all grew up together so when you put them in the same room together they turn back into 15 year old's quite comical! =)

P.S. Nobody was injured in the making of these pictures. It was all fun and games! ;)

Sunday was Father's Day and I got to celebrate my wonderful hubby who is such an amazing daddy!! The kids were already at my parents house since they babysat for us the night before so we drove over there and had lunch with my sisters and their families. Then for dinner we were supposed to go out with Kyle's family but Karter and Keaton had fallen asleep so I stayed home with them and let my hubby have a nice dinner out with his parents and brothers.

Karter started crawling up the stairs! She LOVES her Daddy!

Karter and cousin Taylor! Two pretty girls!

Then Tuesday, June 22, was Kyle's birthday!! We had both our families over that night for lasagna and just had another wonderful evening together! The downer of the night was when I dropped a metal folding table on my toe and I'm 99% sure I broke it! Right after it hit I was so dizzy and completely lost my appetite, I felt like I was going to throw up. I wasn't trying to be dramatic but AHHHH, it hurt so bad! It's now feeling MUCH better but it's all blue and swollen. I didn't take any pictures, apparently I wasn't thinking much after I hurt my foot.

Happy Birthday Baby!!! I love you forever and always! =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ali The Bachelorette Post 4

Soooo it started off with poetry, let the uncomfortableness begin! =)

Kasey, oh Kasey! He already sounds like he has a bubble in his throat 24/7 and being in the cold didn't help his speech skills at all. He's a mess.

Frank and Kirk did really well and I'm glad she picked Kirk! They're date was wonderfully cute and I loved the matching sweaters. They were hideous, don't get me wrong, but I love that they don't take themselves too seriously! =)

Then the group date...Chris L is still my FAVORITE!! I thought Ty was still around because he was nice but I didn't think the romance was there but after last night and previews of next week it looks like the sparks are starting to fly! I do like a southern boy! ;)

Last was the 2 on 1 date...this was HORRIBLE!! She looked miserable out there in the freezing cold! I really thought she was going to send both of them home! Sadly Justin is still there but I really don't see him staying around for that much longer! Thank God Kasey and his tatoo are gone! That boy is NUTS! I can see how she felt bad because you never want to hurt someones feelings! But leaving him on a glacier in the middle of nowhere!!! That trumps Robbie being kicked off the train by Jillian if I do say so myself!

Hallelujah, what's his name is FINALLY gone! Oh yeah, Chris N. I forgot his name seeing as how he's only said about 3 sentences and no screen time all season! That was an easy one to see comin'! Poor guy is probably really nice in real life but he just seemed so nervous and uncomfortable!!

I can't wait until next week to see who has a girlfriend, the previews look OH SO GOOD!!

I think Craig R is on the chopping block next. He is funny but I think their relationship is more friends than romance. Don't you??

Til next week...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

This weekend was so much fun!!! It started on Friday when I got to meet up with my beautiful friends, Paige and Stacey. We've grown up together and don't get to see each other as much as we'd like but when we do it's like no time has passed and we have a BLAST! Always laughing and having so much fun, I love these girls so much!!! We had a night in with their mom and sister over wine...just like old times, minus the wine! =)

Then Saturday we dropped the kids off with DeeDee and Snow and Kyle and I headed to a yummy lunch at Lupe Tortilla before heading to Kemah for Amanda and Tim's wedding. It was so nice to relax and enjoy lunch just the two of us. Then we arrived at our hotel (I LOVE HOTELS!) and got ready before heading to the house their wedding was at. It was so beautiful and Amanda made a gorgeous bride! This was another evening of catching up with old friends. A lot of us there all went to Jr. High together so it was so good to spend so much time with everyone. After the wedding we headed to a bar and then back to the wedding house for a night of swimming. When we finally left to go back to the hotel it was 4AM!!! We haven't stayed up that late in forever!! Such rebels, hehe! The nice thing was that we were able to sleep in! Did I mention I LOVE HOTELS!! The rooms always stay so dark so we were able to stay in bed until almost noon ...FABULOUS!!

Me and Cara

Me and my hubby!

Me and Courtney

Me and the beautiful bride, Amanda!! Jeff in the background, and Ericka stuffing the bouquet in her dress, haha!

Our photo shoot outside the elevators...those bongos around her neck may or may not have been played throughout the hotel at 1AM!

Pool time!!

The fun didn't stop there! Once we left the hotel on Sunday, we got some lunch and headed to Kyle's brother Bryce's pool party! It was another day of hanging out with amazing friends!!!


After that we were so ready to get home and see the kids! It's always so nice to have some alone time but it's even better to get back and hug those little angels!! I'm feeling so blessed to have such amazing friends and family, what a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ali The Bachelorette Post 3

Have I told you lately that I love this show?? =)

I love this show!

A lot of you asked, and NO...I DO NOT read the blogs out there that give all the juicy details away. Yall know me, I love a surprise. I waited 9 months to find out the sex of my own child, so I've GOT to wait it out and play the whole guessing game! That being said, if you know something...SHHHHH, I don't want to know! =)

Ali's hair is still a mess, even after her makeover.

Jesse is still HOT so it was sad to see him go.

Chris L is even HOTTER and if I weren't already taken, I'd fly to Cape Cod to marry him and have babies! I'm just sayin'!! =)

Kirk is still on my good list, I like him, he's sweet!

Roberto is one of her favs and he is a cutie! Nothings changed there.

Frank is so smitten and I really like him.

Kasey, OMG!!! I can't stand his voice and then the singing, WHAT was with the singing! But then it got even better when he got a tattoo! SERIOUSLY!! I love how he thought all the guys liked it and said it was admirable when really they were utterly freaked and thought he was going off the deep end.

Why is Chris N still there? I think I've heard him say literally one complete sentence throughout the whole season. I think she still has too many roses and no reason to send him home yet.

I still don't care for Craig R....boring!

Justin is still Justin. I'm not into him but he seems nice and not completely horrible. I'd keep him around vs. Craig R. or Kasey anyday!!

Ty is nice and a good ole' boy but I don't see anything romantic there.

Bye Bye Weatherman! Poor guy was so shy and just couldn't be himself. Too bad he was representing Houston!! I know someone who's friend dated him and she said he's actually really funny and not such a tool in real life...good to know! =)

So to sum it up...

Chris L, Frank, Roberto, Kirk are on my GOOD LIST.

Ty, Chris N, Craig R and Justin are on the HANGING AROUND BUT NOTHING SPECIAL LIST.

Kasey is on the IM GOING HOME NEXT LIST.

So those were my views on last nights episode. Still LOVING this show, it makes Monday's so much better! =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ali The Bachelorette Post 2

OK I must say...sometimes I impress myself with my first episode predictions! hehe! I'm sticking to the same guys I mentioned in my first post! There will probably be a few surprises but overall those guys are going to be around for a while.

I do still like Jesse but now Chris L is my fav! He is just so sexy to me!! He's nice, polite, and manly! I like a real man, not those pretty boys! I hope they have a one on one soon and hopefully the romance will be there because me likey! =)

Roberto is probably next in line, he's so sweet and you can tell he's there for the right reasons. They have a connection and I think he'll stick around until the final 3!

I was sooo glad to see jerkoff Craig M leave and I think Craig R. Chris N, and weatherman are pretty much just there because she had extra roses to give and there was no reason to send them home yet. Criag R drives me crazy, he needs to get off Justin's back. I think Justin is totally there for the right reasons and Im going to add him to my list of being around for a long time!! He's this seasons Vienna for sure!

I'm just LOVING this show, as I always do!! I said I usually pick 3 of the final 4 right so here goes...Roberto, Kirk, Chris L, and Justin. I'd like to add Jesse to that instead of Justin but this is Ali's top 4, not mine, so those are my guesses. We shall see!! I wonder who the guy is that has a girlfriend back at home that they keep previewing?? Something tells me Kirk (which would obviously mean he wouldn't make final 4 and my guess is crap) but I literally pulled that out of my ass so we'll see. Hope you are enjoying it too! =)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day

What a WONDERFUL weekend spent with my family!! I'm a stay at home mom so I'm always alone with the kids so I just love it on the weekends or evenings when Kyle is home and we're all 4 together!! This weekend we got to spend all day Thursday- Monday (that's 5 whole days!!) together and I loved every second of it!

We headed to the bay house in Port Isabel on Thursday and spent the long weekend fishing, laying out, reading books, going to South Padre beach, watching movies, having some drinks and eating delicious food!!

Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brad gave Keaton a spiderman fishing pole and he LOVES it! He was really good at casting it and he fished every single day! The first day we went out fishing for about 3 hours and he never once whined or complained, which is no small feat for a 3 year old! Hell, I'm 27 and thought about complaining many times, haha! He kept trying to act macho and he'd say, "There sure are a lot of fisherman out today." hehe!

Karter had a lot of fun too, she was an angel and I never once felt overwhelmed with the kiddos, thanks to the help of DeeDee and Snow! This was Karter's first trip to the beach and she was a little scared. She ended up warming up to the waves and stuff but poor girl had sand all over her face and in her mouth because she sucks her thumb.

I kept telling Kyle that my heart was just so happy! I love quality time together and it brings me so much joy to see my kids having a great time and knowing that we're making memories with them that we'll remember forever!! I hope yall had a great holiday weekend! God bless our troops, past and present!! Thank you for all you do for our country!!

Karter rockin' her 2 piece! =)

Beautiful sunset boatride with the hubs!

Of course we had to bury daddy!!

lots of seaweed...blah!!