Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ali The Bachelorette

Well as you all know, I just LOVE this show!! I was so excited for it to start (even though I would have much rather seen Tenley as the star) and couldn't wait to make my predictions! I can usually pick about 3 of the final 4 within the first 2 shows so we'll see how I do this time around! Right now I'm eying Frank, Chris L, Kirk, Roberto, and Jesse. Jesse is my fav so far but don't hold me to that as I was watching it this morning and had a lot going on at the same time. =)

And I hate to sound tacky because I'm really all about lifting women up instead of beating them down but seriously... do they not have a hairdresser for poor Ali?? What the hell! Her dress kept falling off her shoulders too. I mean come on people! Put the girl together a little better for her first big night! I already like her more than I did before the show started, it looks like it will be a good season! We shall see!! =)


The Siegert Family said...

OMG i was thinking the EXACT same thing last night when I watched it. wth was up with her hair..lol. cant wait for this season.. whohoo

Melissa said...

so i missed the actual party part, so maybe i can find it online, but she was a total mess w/her dress and hair, i think a yellow dress like in how to lose a guy in 10 days would have been much prettier on her also! anyway, does look like a good season though :) what do you think about tori & dean this season, only 2 episodes left.