Friday, May 7, 2010

Fav April Pics

My kiddos are my pride and joy! Keaton is at such a great age and says the funniest things (that's a whole other post!) and Karter is just growing so fast! She's 7 months and is such a good baby! She's sleeping through the night, eating like a champ, is so happy, and she will be crawling any day now! She laughs all the time and just brings us so much joy! Keaton loves her to pieces and is so good with her! I'll stop boring you (I know you're not as interested in what my children are up to as I am) and leave you with some of my fav pics from April! =)

Keaton all smiles after I chased him all around the backyard with the waterhose, so fun!! =)

Karter's first "Big Girl Bath" with brother!

Karter LOVES to swing! =)

Sweet brother-sister time! LOVE IT! =)

Crazy Keaton loves goggles and wore them while he played in the sprinkler! hehe!!

Adorable Chocolate Face!

Karter sittin' pretty!



Rachel Buckley said...

those two are so adorable! thank you for all of your sweet comments! hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

love to have her watch while I see how much c--k he can take in his arse, I would stroke her little p---y while I am f-----g her brother