Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Year Reunion

OK so this is a jumbled up post because blogger is really giving me a hard time with pictures today so here's some pics first, then a reunion summary then more's just going to have to be out of order because I don't want to deal with moving everything around, blogger could DEF make picture placement easier...GRRR!!

Remembering the cheering days...Tigers on the loose, o-on the loose! =)

Me with 3 of my besties from then and still today! LOVE!!

Me and Jackie!! So many memories with this girl!

August 14th we had our Class of 2000 Reunion and it was so much fun!! I loved High School! Cheering at the pep rallies on Friday and loading up the bus to go win another football game at Rhodes, the Astrodome, Alamodome, or wherever we were playing that particular week, going to dances, having parties...those were some fun times! =)

I always wondered where I would be in my life when I went to my 10 year reunion. I remember thinking that I would probably be married with 2 kids or 1 kid and another on the way. I'd say I was right on! Does that mean my life is boring and predictable or that I'm right where I want to be?? Hummm?? Maybe I should shake things up a bit! =)

The reunion started with a fajita luncheon at the high school. It was crazy to sit in that old gym with the same people I used to eat with 1o years ago, only now our kids were with us which was so fun! Kyle and I met in that very lunch room so it was neat to be there holding our kids together now! It was really great to see everyone and I enjoyed visiting with friends I haven't seen in years. We also walked around the school and went to my old locker and cheer gym...ahhh, the memories!!

The real fun didn't start until that evening. First we went to Soma for some yummy sushi with a big group of friends. Some of the friends we went with I talk to weekly and have seen recently and then others I hadn't seen in YEARS but of course you just pick right back up where you left off and it was like no time had passed at all. We had so much fun visting and catching up over yummy food and drinks!!

Then we drove over to the bar for the reunion and saw so many wonderful faces! I saw people that I've grown up with since preschool, my jr. high best friend, all my cheer friends, old party buddies, and also familiar friendly faces that I used to see in the hall or during class...SO FUN!! I feel so blessed to have grown up with such amazing people! I love that our class was and still is so close to this day! I honestly had a smile glued to my face the whole week after because I was so happy! It was so great to see everyone!

Me and Julie

Our family in the room where it all began! =)

Norm, Nikki, April, Kyle, and I at Soma.

April, Jessica, Meggie, Caroline, and me

Me and KyleMe and Apes with Darren in the back! =)Us Girls!

Me and Kendall

Me and Meghan

Me and Heather

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dose of Karter

Karter will be walking any day now, this video was actually taken last week and since then she's started to walk twice as far as she is here. If she would stop laughing long enough she'd probably really take off, haha!! It cracks me up because Keaton was the same way when he started to walk, he would just laugh so hard!! =)

Can you say Frankenstein!! =) Only MUCH cuter!

She also LOVES her teddy bear. She calls it her baby and it's so cute! I can already tell she's going to be a "motherly" girl who loves playing with dolls, babysitting, and all that fun stuff! =) This video isn't as long as the other one! =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Breakin' In The Camper!


When we moved to Colorado we bought a used Keystone Sprinter because we knew we would be doing lots of camping so that we could really explore the beautiful state while we were living there. We used it a lot and made some great memories!! Now with our family expanding we decided to sell Kyle's boat and trade in the Sprinter for a more family friendly trailer that has a room separate just for the kids. The new layout makes it perfect for nap-time, etc! So last weekend we took it out for the first time to beautiful Huntsville State Park.

We had such an amazing time! We rode bikes the majority of the day, saw baby gators, rented paddle boats, played Memory and Candyland with Keaton, and just relaxed together. I'm always happy when I'm with my hubby and kids and I'm so excited to start making memories in our new camper!

Keaton helping Daddy cook breakfast.

Our campsite.

Keaton and a baby gator.

Bike ridin'

snack time!

Love how they LOVE eachother! =)

Gig Em' Ags!

So pretty!

My Baby Girl!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


OK first let me apologize for dropping the ball on my Bachelorette blogs! I'm a busy mother of 2, what can I say??! I barely have time to blog about my family, let alone Ali Fedotowski! =)

Now let me just remind you that I said I always get 3 of the top 4 right and not to toot my own horn but I did it again. Frank, Chris, and Roberto....toot toot!! =)

I was so happy it was down to Chris and Roberto. I just LOVE Chris for many reasons, first and foremost...his hotness!! And Roberto was just a sweetheart and you could tell he and Ali had real chemistry from the beginning!

So last night the dates with her family all went great and then her date with Roberto was perfect!! When they were in the room and she was saying how her heart was exploding and then going on during her "confessional" how she loved him I was thinking, "gosh, they sure are letting us hear a lot about her love for Roberto, maybe they're leading us on by trying to make it LOOK like she's going to pick him and then surprise us in the end???" But the lovefest continued and that's when it clicked...she's going to dump Chris!!

When she went to see Chris I felt so sorry for him but I think he took it really well. I'm so glad he didn't boo-hoo and start bashing her saying, "you're making a mistake!" blah blah blah, like some of the other losers from the past have done. He just understood that she was in love with someone else and appreciated her honesty. He is such a great guy and you could tell he just wanted her to be happy.

Although he took it well, he was upset but then came the rainbow!!


What a miraculous thing to witness!! Later during the "After the Final Rose" Ali was saying how she and the crew included were all crying because it was so amazing! I was in awe just seeing it through the TV!! It was unbelievable! For those of you who don't know, Chris' mom passed away and told him to look for her in rainbows. Then he's dumped by the girl he loves and low and behold a rainbow appears out of nowhere! Not just any rainbow, a perfect, long, bright rainbow! Beautiful!! God is so amazing! =) I loved when Chris said his mom was clapping telling him she was proud of him!!


So then was the final rose ceremony...I really love that she knew who she wanted and only had 1 person left at the end compared to the times when they seem so confused about who they really want. The Roberto/Ali lovefest continued and they seem so giddy and honestly happy! How could you not be pleased with this ending??? I was team Chris but he ended up fine, there was a beautiful rainbow, Roberto is head over heels for Ali, Ali is head over heels for Roberto...What's not to LOVE???

I must say (as you all know), I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I watch it every single season but I am usually VERY disappointed in the ending! They always pick the person I don't want them to pick (DeAnna-Jesse, Jake-Vienna) or they don't pick anyone (Brad W), or they pick who I want them to pick (Jason-Melissa) but then it only lasts 10 minutes! Even though I am repeatedly disappointed I always anticipate the next season because I love watching. I'm hooked watching all the romance and amazing dates, and sometimes lucky enough to see people fall in love. This season however I was NOT disappointed at all! The season had lots of drama and twists but the end was sooooo happy!!

BEST SEASON EVER!!!!!!!!!! Now I just really hope they stay together, get married and have babies!!! We'll be watching! ;)