Sunday, August 15, 2010

Breakin' In The Camper!


When we moved to Colorado we bought a used Keystone Sprinter because we knew we would be doing lots of camping so that we could really explore the beautiful state while we were living there. We used it a lot and made some great memories!! Now with our family expanding we decided to sell Kyle's boat and trade in the Sprinter for a more family friendly trailer that has a room separate just for the kids. The new layout makes it perfect for nap-time, etc! So last weekend we took it out for the first time to beautiful Huntsville State Park.

We had such an amazing time! We rode bikes the majority of the day, saw baby gators, rented paddle boats, played Memory and Candyland with Keaton, and just relaxed together. I'm always happy when I'm with my hubby and kids and I'm so excited to start making memories in our new camper!

Keaton helping Daddy cook breakfast.

Our campsite.

Keaton and a baby gator.

Bike ridin'

snack time!

Love how they LOVE eachother! =)

Gig Em' Ags!

So pretty!

My Baby Girl!


The Carrs said...

Soo much fun! The camper looks really nice. How big were the baby gators?!?!?

Kimmie said...

Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pics. It really looks like yall are having such a great time as a family. The kiddos are getting so big and beautiful it just blows me away.
And I would like to add that I am beyond jealous of yalls camper. Its awesome!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Thanks girls, we're loving it!!

the baby gators were only about a foot or so long (and in a cage). They did find a 10 foot and 8 foot gator out and about though and shot the 10 foot long one!! CRAZY!!

Blondie said...

I can't get over how much Karter looks like Keaton, especially when they are right next to each other. They are so cute! Looks like y'all had a great time! Miss you.