Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

This was going around Facebook so I figured I'd post it here too so all my "Non Facebook" family and friends could read the 25 random facts about yours truly! =)

1. I absolutely hate the sound of slurping, it's disgusting! The worst is when people slurp their toothpaste or if they tilt their bowl to their face and slurp up milk, soup, or the absolute cream. GAG!

2. When I was in Jr. High I was really short! I started 6th grade playing the trombone in band but after about 5 weeks my teacher had a talk with me suggesting I play something more my size. I switched to the flute but quit band after that year! =)

3. When I was little I wanted to be one of the contortionist girls in the circus.

4. When I was born I weighed 10lbs. 2 oz. and I was the smallest baby of my family! =)

5. I mentioned I used to be short...when I started High School I was 4'11" and about 90lbs. When I finished I was 5'6"-5'7" and 125 lbs. Talk about growth spurt! =)

6. In High School I was told I might not be able to have kids and when I did start trying I would need hormone shots. No shots or problems and I got Keaton! =)

7. I am 10 (almost 11) years younger than my oldest sister and 7 years younger than the middle sister. I didn't know I was an "accident" until I was in Jr. High and the lifeguard at our pool asked me if I had any sisters and how old they were. I told him and he said I must have been a mistake. I was in shock and asked my mom when I got home and she said, "Sweetie, you weren't a mistake, you were a blessing!" ...I was a woopsie!

8. I first met Kyle in the cafeteria in HS. I was 15 and he was 16. I didn't have any interest in him for about the first month and would have laughed if somebody told me on that day that he would be my husband.

9. When I finally did go out with him he took me to the Rockets game and the whole way home I literally shook because I was so nervous for him to kiss me. He kept asking me what was wrong and I told him I was cold. =) He kept rubbing my arms trying to warm me up which obviously didn't help since I was probably sweating instead of actually being cold. The kiss was great though and the rest is history!

10. I want 4 kids but possibly 5. =) Kyle thinks I'll change my mind when I get to 3 but I dont think so!

11. I'm a natural blonde. I've highlighted my hair 3 times in my life and dont think I'll EVER do it again! The first time was once in HS when my mom did it and it left a reddish tint. Kyle called me Peg for weeks!

12. I have always said hi to everyone, even strangers. I like to make eye contact and smile to them. Once when I was about 5, I went to McDonalds with my mom and as we were pulling out of the parking lot a homeless person was walking beside the car and looked at me and smiled. My mom didn't see him and pulled out of the lot before I could smile or wave back. I started crying and she turned back around and we drove through the parking lot looking for him so I could smile at him. We never found him and I cried the whole way home thinking that I hurt his feelings.

13. One of my biggest fears is sharks! I went snorkling twice and was scared shitless both times, I will never go again. I'm terrified of being in the middle of the ocean.

14. I LOVE to act and being able to do it as a career is one of my greatest dreams! There's really nothing else that makes me feel so alive and gives me such a rush! In 2003 I was in a low budget movie with Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door and even though the movie is quite awful it was one of the best experiences of my life!

15. We didn't plan it but our wedding anniversary is July 10, that's 18 days after Kyle's birthday and 18 days before mine!

16. I am allergic to gluten and didn't know it until I was 21, a month before my wedding. When Kyle and I went shopping to fill our pantry up as newlyweds I cried because I didn't know what I could eat.

17. I was hit head on at 80mph by a drunk driver on April 13, 2002. I didn't remember anything once I woke up in the hospital. Memories of voices starting coming back eventually but it was very scary. My dad and Kyle went to take pictures of my car afterward and the people at the place where my car was towed thought I had died based on the looks of my car. Although I had tons of stiches and couldn't do much for 4 months because of my back, I didn't break one bone! God was watching over me!

18. I hate having long nails and cut them to stubs whenever they start bothering me.

19. Lots of women hate it but I loved being pregnant! Everything about it was so wonderful and I really enjoyed every second of getting as big as a house and enjoying my childs movement and growth! =)

20. I am a people person and can get along with most anybody but besides a few gems I met in college and after, most of my closest friends today are people that I have grown up with.

21. I hate to cook and I eat junk like a kid when my husbands not here to cook for me. If I'm hungry I like to just eat right away, not wait for something to finish cooking so I just grap stuff from the fridge and graze or eat cereal for every meal. When he's here though I eat well balanced meals!

22. I love rap music but now that I'm a Mommy I only download the clean versions. My son can't have a potty mouth!!

23. I love Britney Spears! I really want to go to her concert in Houston this March but I dont know if I'll still be living in CO or not so it's hard to make plans. We'll see! =)

24. I pray everyday. I would feel lost without knowing that someone is in control and watching over me and my family.

25. I started dancing when I was 3 and can't live without it. I still dance all around the house or put on a song and just go like I were in the music video or something. I really miss it sometimes and I plan on taking some tap and hip hop classes when we move back!

I CANT even imagine...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday 10

OK so I had the BEST Tuesday 10 but I couldn't post it (I'll explain later) so now I'm doing a different one...

10 Thing I'm Looking Forward To...
10. Tomorrow my friend Laura is bringing her son Jack over while she goes to the doctor. I'm excited that Keaton will have his bff over to play! It will be a fun, great time for Keaton and make is a little easier on me because I wont have to entertain him as much, they'll keep each other busy! =)
9. Friday we're going to dinner at Christina's and I am SO EXCITED because I've been saving up for a gluten cheat just so I can eat their fried ravioli. It is to die for!! I'm drooling just thinking about it!
8. This weekend we plan on going skiing. Skiing is one of the main reasons I'm not miserable living here! =) I just love to ski!!! The views are just so pretty and there's nothing like flying down a mountain taking it all in!
7. The Super Bowl is on this weekend and we're having some friends over to watch the game. I don't really care who wins this game. First I wanted the Steelers to win but then it would be neat for the underdog Cardinals to win so we'll see! Football and yummy food is always a good time!
6. That next weekend my friend from HS, Katy and her husband are coming with some of their friends to ski at Durango! We're meeting them for skiing and lunch and I can't wait to see her!! It's been so long since we've been together and she'll get to meet Keaton!
5. I'm looking forward to Valentines Day simply just for another night out to dinner! Since being in Colorado we really don't have a babysitter so unless Laura and Jared keep him with Jack we take Keaton everywhere with us. I'm sure this Valentines Day will be spent with my 2 boys at a delicious restaurant. Sounds perfect to me! =)
4. The next weekend Kyle's brother, Bryce, is coming up to stay with us for 4 days. We're going to hang out in town for one day and then ski the next two days. I just LOVE having visitors so this will be so much fun!
3. I love EVERYTHING about movies and the movie making biz-ness, I'm really looking forward to some movies that are coming out soon . I want to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. I read that book series and thought it was really cute so I'm excited to see the movie. New In Town also looks like a cute one! My parents went and saw Grand Torino and said it was great so that's another one I want to see! Will I really make it to all of these, no! Being a mom makes movie going hard but we'll see!!
2. Moving back to Texas has me thrilled! I don't know when we are for sure but it's looking like sooner rather than later. I'll keep you updated if there's any changes!
1. Dinner tonight has me very excited! Grilled chicken topped with cheese, tomato, and bacon, with salad, potatoes, and oven baked squash and zucchini! Does that sound good or what! My mouth is watering again! =)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Little of This, Little of That

It looks like all the prayers the King Quads are getting are paying off! Check out the before and after pics of little Preston here! His kidneys are working now and all the swelling has gone down! I'm so happy for that family and although I'll keep them all in my prayers because they're still so small and still fighting, it looks like everything will be OK now! YAY God!!!!! =)

Our weekend wasn't too exciting but it was nice! On Saturday we went into town to walk around Main St. and then have lunch. It was a nice day spent with my two boys!! We were going to go ski yesterday but the weather was gloomy and blah so we decided to stay in. We watched the movie Hancock and it was really good! I liked it a lot and recommend it if you haven't seen it yet!

OK now if you haven't finished reading the Twilight Series and don't want to know what happens DON'T READ BEYOND THIS!!!!!!!! Only read beyond this if you've read it or you don't plan on reading it and don't care (which means you're crazy!! haha!) =)

OK CCBC (cross country book club), I finished the series last week and I LOVED it!!!!!!! There is so much stuff packed into that last book it's amazing! Once I was finished I flipped back to the front and I couldn't believe that they weren't even married at the beginning because it seemed like I read about that so long ago!! I know I said I really liked Jacob and it was up until the last book that I would have been happy if Bella had ended up with him. Once I got into the last book I just loved Edward and was so happy how everything turned out! I loved their honeymoon and then she's pregnant! Genius!! But the name Renesmee???? Come on, that name is awful! I guess it did kind of grow on me though and I was used to it by the end. I read that Stephenie Meyer said no normal human name suited the baby right so she came up with an abnormal name that would work better, I guess she's right because I can't imagine her being named Sue or something! =) I just loved the whole book and totally get what all the fuss was about now!! Has anybody read her other book, The Host??

Friday, January 23, 2009


I remember when I was pregnant with Keaton people would tell me how awesome parenthood was and (you know the sang) you don't know true love until you have a child. I would nod my head in agreement thinking that I knew what they were talking about, I had heard it a thousand times and I knew being a mom would be great. You start loving your baby the second you see that positive pregnancy test but it wasn't until Keaton was born that I realized I hadn't REALLY understood what they were saying because what I felt then was so much more than I'd expected! At that moment every single parenting cliche just clicked and it all is so true! I not only understood what everyone had been trying to tell me but I completely felt it and understood what they meant entirely. I almost felt like I had just joined some secret club that you can't get into and understand until you've had a kid. Then it all falls into place and you're on the same wave length as the rest of the parenting world. =)

I truly will do anything for my son. I pray everyday for him. I want him to be happy for all the years of his life. I pray for his health and for his safety. I pray that he will have a good group of christian friends and stay on the right path as he grows up. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for him or any sacrifice that I wouldn't make to help better him.

I read so many blogs in "blogland" and some of them make me smile and fill me with joy and others just break my heart. I've read of women loosing their baby minutes or hours after they've given birth, children battling cancer, and premature babies fighting for their life. I just can't imagine what these women go through and the pain they feel. It is such a scary world! Today I ask you to pray for Preston King. He is a quad baby who has kidney failure and is fighting for his life. All 4 of the babies could use your prayers.

I dont want this blog do be a downer, there is so much to be thankful for! Today is another day that me and my family are healthy. I hope today finds you and your family the same way!

Here's a picture of Keaton that's sure to bring a smile to your face! Kyle had to go to Houston last week for work so he brought Keaton with him to see the fam. This was at my parents house in my old room that looks almost exactly the same as it did when I was in Jr. High! The Katy Tiger is still on the bed and my mom just took down my mums that were hanging on the wall about a month ago! It made her cry. I think we decided to save them in a box because it was hard to throw them away. =)
Just a happy kid without a care in the world jumping on the bed =) Thank you God!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10...Aggie Style!!

Here's 10 of my favorite pics from tailgating and going to the games!

10. This is from the Ags vs. McNeese game on 9-1-01. I was a sophomore in college and we used to all go hang out at Kyle and Heaths duplex (seen here) before the games for some good barbeque and drinks! =) College goes by too fast! So much fun!

9. Ags vs. Clemson 2004 (I know that's a big date jump but I don't know where the rest of my college football pics are!) As the years went on we upgraded from hanging out at Kyle's place to tailgating with the Kotzebue's and Wheelers. Everyone would come hang out with us and then we'd walk over to the game. This is still the tradition but sadly Kyle and I couldn't join in this year due to living hundreds of miles away but we will definitely partake again when we move back! =)

8. Ags vs. TU 2005- Texas was ranked number 2, we weren't ranked at all and although they beat us it turned out to be the poorest performance of the season by the Longhorns, both offensively and defensively! Can I hear a WHOOP!!! Poor Gina was the only orange in a sea of maroon! We didn't give her too hard of a time! =)

7. This is the same game in 2005- Me, Kyle and my "brothers"! One of my all time favorite pics of all of us!

6. I don't remember who we played here but it was Sept 9, 2006. I was right about 3 months pregnant and dreaming of the day we'd have an adorable little person to dress up in Aggie gear and bring tailgating with us!

5. Ags vs. Nebraska, Nov. 11, 2006- Still pregnant and I remember I was freezing! Weird for a pregnant lady! Everyone else seemed fine in their short sleeves!

4. 10-6-07 The rest of the pics are from this same game...The adorable kid we can dress up is here! Keaton was 6 months old when we brought him for his first day of tailgating. He was such a trooper and did so good the entire day! I remember feeding him baby food in his little bouncer and he even blocked out all the noise and took a long nap in the pack-n-play. Born to be an Aggie I guess! =)

3. Kyle Field behind us...and no, although it wouldn't be too far fetched since they're die hard Aggie fans, Kyle is not named after the field! =)

2. Father and son having a great time together. Class of 03' and future Class of about 2028??? =)

1. Nighttime and he's still truckin!! I can't wait to take him again once we move back. Although now that he's into everything I know it will be a lot more work but it's still so much fun! Now if only the Aggies could get a winning team! =) Soon enough!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo Tag!

I HATED the last tag I got where I had to answer all those questions but this one is fun!!! =) I got tagged by my friend Jenny and you have to go to your 4th folder where you store your photos. Select your 4th picture (no cheating)! Post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger. Tag 4 people to do the same!!

This is a picture of Mr. Keaton on July 6th of 2007. He was just 3 months old! Awww, my sweet little boy has grown so much!!! It's so hard to remember what it was like before he was mobile and he just laid on a blanket playing with his toys! =)

So I am tagging these 4 lucky ladies! ;)

1. JoDee at "JoDee H". JoDee and I went to HS together but really became friends when we starting teaching 5th grade together about 3 years ago. We really balance each other out perfectly and have so much fun together!! We're always laughing together and can tell eachother anything!

2. Roni at "My Three Kids". I first met Roni when she started dated Kyle's best friend, Heath, back in College. I immediately just loved her and now that they're married we all hang out a lot together (when we're in town!) We love talking mom to mom and have had some fun mommy night outs!!

3. Melissa at "Baby On The Way". Melissa and I went to HS together but started becoming good friends here recently. We started talking a lot when we both started trying for a baby and now she's expecting her first! I'm so happy and excited for her!!

4. Joy at "Everything GIGL". Joy and I became friends in Jr. High and have tons of fun memories together! Everything from church camps, KBBC (Katy Bengal Brigade and Cheerleaders), to fun nights out dancing and having drinks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday 10

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately...

10. Snow- Although the snow can be a pain sometimes I really do love it! I'm having so much fun being able to ski whenever we want and then today Keaton and I went outside with his "snow disk" and slid around the front yard. It was so much fun! We both were cracking up and enjoying the sledding!

9. Twilight Series- I LOVE reading these books! I just finished Eclipse today and I will be starting Breaking Dawn soon. I'm sad it's the last one, I've really enjoyed them!! Everyone goes on and on about Edward and don't get me wrong, I love him too, but am I the only one that REALLY likes Jacob????

8. Dinner- I made dinner early this morning so now I don't have to worry about getting it done, I just have to throw it in the oven when we're ready to eat! It's so good and sooo easy!! Baked Ziti- one box of penne noodles (mine are gluten free), one package of ground Italian sausage, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, spaghetti sauce. Cook the meat in one pan, cook the noodles in a pot and then mix it all together in a baking dish! I buy the 4 cup bag of cheese and mix half in with everything and save the last 2 cups to put on the top. Then put it in the oven until its heated through. MMMMM!!!!

7. The Bachelor- I LOVE Jason!!! I've always really liked this show but this season I am really enjoying it!! Whenever it's over I just can't wait for the next Monday to come so I can watch it again!! I saw the previews for next week when they surprise that one girl with her daughter and I was boo hooing!!! =) So sweet!

6. I've been doing a lot of online shopping with Christmas money lately and I am soooo excited about my recent purchases... I got this dress on sale from Banana Republic. It's normally $175 and I got it for $54.99!!! I am SUCH a good shopper!!

5. This dress is normally $150 and I got it for $74.99. I just love the bright color!! =)

4. I just love these shoes, they weren't on sale so the price is not important! Heehee!! ;)

3. I also bought 2 great pairs of jeans from J Crew. One was $120 that I got for $59.99 and the other was $108 that I got for $49.99!! See I told you I was a good shopper! I'm really so excited to wear all of these things! Sorry if I'm boring you non-shoppers!! I just can't resist! =)

2. Running- yes there was a time in my life when I couldn't run 1/2 a mile and I would have never thought it would make me happy but in college I started running and got really good at it. I haven't ran in a while (probably since the summer I got pregnant with Keaton!) so remember how I said I was going to start doing things for myself??? I did start running again. Not to loose weight, just to do it. It really feels so good to just be by myself and listen to music or think about anything and everything. It feels so good to sweat and feel productive!! I ran 3 miles the other day and it just felt so good!

1. Keaton- of course I had to put him on my list because he makes me happy EVERYDAY!!!! He is just the cutest, sweetest thing and my heart just melts at the cute things he does! Lately when he wants to get my attention he says, "Ma!?" and puts his hand on my cheek and turns my face to look at him. It is so cute!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun With Friends

When I saw the previews for the movie Bride Wars I thought it looked cute and girly (which is right up my ally) but I also wasn't sure if it would be too, what's the word...hokey, over the top with the cattiness??? But it wasn't, I LOVED it! I went yesterday for a girls day out with my friend, Laura ,and it was so much fun! While we were gone our husbands stayed home with the boys watching football and drinking beer. After the movie we all hung out for the rest of the day and ate a delicious meal that Kyle cooked! Keaton and Jack had a blast together as usual!

Bucket Heads!! =)

Two Peas in a Pod!

Then Keaton pulled out one of my necklaces and a headband...

Jack of course joined right in!!

The daddies had fun too! =)

FYI:this beer was not all consumed while they were alone babysitting! Us moms didn't take too long before we were back to help supervise! =) It was a great day for all of us!! =) Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Perfect Ski Day

Remember the first time we went skiing this season and I was imagining this perfect sunny day on the slops and got the exact opposite?? Well yesterday I got my PERFECT ski day!! It was absolutely beautiful! It was cold and crisp but the sun was shining the entire day so you never felt cold. We went to Purgatory this time instead of Wolf Creek and I just loved it! The slopes were awesome and you could really get going fast!! I did fall a few times but I must say my ski legs are back in full force! We dropped Keaton off at the nursery there and I thought he might cry since he'd never been but once he saw all the toys he just started playing and waved at me while saying his precious "Texas accent bye". We picked him up around lunch and ate at the resort by the fire. It was just a wonderful day!!!

Me and Kyle with a beautiful view!

I was really sad my shadow was in the way of this one...

The front ski lift and slope

We're turning into pros!! =)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday 10

Well, I'm finally late on my Tuesday (now Wednesday) 10!

10 Things Keaton did in 2008...
I figured this was a good one since we just finished off the year. Kids are doing something new everyday and you just hope that you never forget any of it! So here's just a few of the adorable things I never want to forget!

10. Walking!! Keaton started walking on April 7, 2008. It was a couple weeks after his first birthday and I know I'll never forget it!

9. He loves shoes! He will put on any shoe that is lying around rather it be a heel or a boot! I bought him his snow boots this year and he wore them around the house all day and when I took them off for his nap he cried and pointed to them saying boots ( imagine that being said with a lisp)! Right when he woke up, the boots went back on!

8. He loves wearing my headbands...I know, high heels and headbands??? =) He puts them on his head and walks around or he puts them over his eyes like he's a character on Star Trek or something! Hats and sunglasses are also a huge hit!

Keaton decked out in my boots and a headband!

7. He's starting to talk a lot more now. His firsts word was deer (go figure!) and since then he's started saying a lot more things. I have to remind myself not to cuss around him so he doesn't pick any of that up! The other day our dog was barking like crazy and I told her to shut up and then what do you know, Keaton said it! Great! He also says juice in the cutest way possible and if he's playing and gets thirsty he comes up to me and repeats it over and over. I'm getting your juice child, geez! =) No really I love it!

6. As the years gone by he's started to get more independent and I feel a lot more comfortable about watching him play on a playground from a short distance versus being right behind him the whole time. It's a lot more relaxing for me now and I love just watching him do his thing!

5. He loves being outside! When it's not snowing he loves to just walk around the front yard and pick up pine cones, sticks, etc. He is such a boy! He could stay out there all day! Now that there's snow he doesn't really know what to do with it but he still loves walking around and looking at everything.

4. He loves helping his daddy! He helps Kyle stack wood outside or bring pieces of wood inside for the fire. He also loves to watch daddy work in the garage or help him plow the snow! Anything with his daddy is fun for him!

3. In the dancing department, Keaton takes after his mommy! He loves music and whenever he hears it playing he bends his knees and starts bobbing up and down from side to side with a huge smile on his face! He dances to anything from the music on the radio, music from his toys or even Christmas cards that you open and play a song. He just loves to shake it, just like his mama!! =)

2. If he wasn't so outgoing I probably would have worried about autism because this kid loves to organize stuff! He will line up his cars across the coffee table, line movies in a row, stack his bananas, and organize his food on his high chair! He puts all his grapes in the cup holder of his tray and if you mess it up he does it again. So funny!

Lining up his movies! And of course doing his picture pose! Down and to the left! =)

1. Keaton is very sneaky and he started tricking us when it was his bedtime! As we would get him ready for bed he would start saying eat while doing the sign for it at the same time. We would assume he was hungry and bring him back down for a banana or something. He usually would have a bite or 2 (maybe!) and then he wouldn't want anymore so we'd put him down. We quickly realized he wasn't hungry at all, he was just doing something that he knew would give him some more awake time! Sneaky kid! That trick doesn't work anymore but he probably does it at least 5 times out of the week, especially at nap time! =)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Colorado!

Well we've lived here for almost a year so you think I'd be used to the fact that this is my "home". But no...I still look around in awe and remind myself that I LIVE here! I walked around today and everything is just covered in white, and there's deer and elk everywhere!

These elk were at the entrance of our neighborhood.
It really is just so beautiful; a completely different world than Texas (which I do miss very much)!


Skiing- So Much Fun!!!

Ice-Not So Fun!!!

Yes, that is definitely the downfall to this winter wonderland!! Ice builds up on the roof and Kyle has to get up there and break it all down. Ice covers the back porch and we shovel all we can and sprinkle salt. Ice packs down the driveway and then you spend hours chipping away at it and shoveling it to the side. Every time it snows Kyle has to get on the 4 wheeler and plow it so it doesn't pack into ice. It's a lot of work to live here! I must admit Kyle does most of it but I do try to help here and there.

Today I decided to get out of the house and take Keaton to the library. I can't just go jump in my car and head out. I had to get it started with the defrost on to melt some of the ice and go out there with my little ice tool (I don't know what its called) and clear all the snow and ice from the windows so I could see. After we were good to go I slowly backed out so I wouldn't slip and slide all the way down our long driveway! Our driveway is also at an incline so that doesn't help at all!

I drove to the library successfully but on the way home I was approaching a roundabout thing that you're to yield at so the other cars already circling can continue by. I saw a car coming around the circle so I slowly braked (slowly is supposed to be the key on ice) but my tires started spinning and I kept going forward. Granted I was going slow so it wouldn't have been a huge collision but it scared the crap out of me! I started screaming and honked my horn so they would know I couldn't stop and was headed their way. Luckily nothing happened but I couldn't wait to get home!

Then as I turned into the driveway (happy to be off the roads) my tires started spinning. GREAT! So I calmly put it in 4 wheel high like I was taught and eased forward. My back end starts fishtailing into the snow so I stopped and walked the rest of the way up to our house with Keaton, the diaper bag and our library findings in hand. I figured Kyle can get it out much easier than I can once he gets home tonight!

Geez, no wonder everyone hunkers down inside this time of year!