Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

This was going around Facebook so I figured I'd post it here too so all my "Non Facebook" family and friends could read the 25 random facts about yours truly! =)

1. I absolutely hate the sound of slurping, it's disgusting! The worst is when people slurp their toothpaste or if they tilt their bowl to their face and slurp up milk, soup, or the absolute cream. GAG!

2. When I was in Jr. High I was really short! I started 6th grade playing the trombone in band but after about 5 weeks my teacher had a talk with me suggesting I play something more my size. I switched to the flute but quit band after that year! =)

3. When I was little I wanted to be one of the contortionist girls in the circus.

4. When I was born I weighed 10lbs. 2 oz. and I was the smallest baby of my family! =)

5. I mentioned I used to be short...when I started High School I was 4'11" and about 90lbs. When I finished I was 5'6"-5'7" and 125 lbs. Talk about growth spurt! =)

6. In High School I was told I might not be able to have kids and when I did start trying I would need hormone shots. No shots or problems and I got Keaton! =)

7. I am 10 (almost 11) years younger than my oldest sister and 7 years younger than the middle sister. I didn't know I was an "accident" until I was in Jr. High and the lifeguard at our pool asked me if I had any sisters and how old they were. I told him and he said I must have been a mistake. I was in shock and asked my mom when I got home and she said, "Sweetie, you weren't a mistake, you were a blessing!" ...I was a woopsie!

8. I first met Kyle in the cafeteria in HS. I was 15 and he was 16. I didn't have any interest in him for about the first month and would have laughed if somebody told me on that day that he would be my husband.

9. When I finally did go out with him he took me to the Rockets game and the whole way home I literally shook because I was so nervous for him to kiss me. He kept asking me what was wrong and I told him I was cold. =) He kept rubbing my arms trying to warm me up which obviously didn't help since I was probably sweating instead of actually being cold. The kiss was great though and the rest is history!

10. I want 4 kids but possibly 5. =) Kyle thinks I'll change my mind when I get to 3 but I dont think so!

11. I'm a natural blonde. I've highlighted my hair 3 times in my life and dont think I'll EVER do it again! The first time was once in HS when my mom did it and it left a reddish tint. Kyle called me Peg for weeks!

12. I have always said hi to everyone, even strangers. I like to make eye contact and smile to them. Once when I was about 5, I went to McDonalds with my mom and as we were pulling out of the parking lot a homeless person was walking beside the car and looked at me and smiled. My mom didn't see him and pulled out of the lot before I could smile or wave back. I started crying and she turned back around and we drove through the parking lot looking for him so I could smile at him. We never found him and I cried the whole way home thinking that I hurt his feelings.

13. One of my biggest fears is sharks! I went snorkling twice and was scared shitless both times, I will never go again. I'm terrified of being in the middle of the ocean.

14. I LOVE to act and being able to do it as a career is one of my greatest dreams! There's really nothing else that makes me feel so alive and gives me such a rush! In 2003 I was in a low budget movie with Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door and even though the movie is quite awful it was one of the best experiences of my life!

15. We didn't plan it but our wedding anniversary is July 10, that's 18 days after Kyle's birthday and 18 days before mine!

16. I am allergic to gluten and didn't know it until I was 21, a month before my wedding. When Kyle and I went shopping to fill our pantry up as newlyweds I cried because I didn't know what I could eat.

17. I was hit head on at 80mph by a drunk driver on April 13, 2002. I didn't remember anything once I woke up in the hospital. Memories of voices starting coming back eventually but it was very scary. My dad and Kyle went to take pictures of my car afterward and the people at the place where my car was towed thought I had died based on the looks of my car. Although I had tons of stiches and couldn't do much for 4 months because of my back, I didn't break one bone! God was watching over me!

18. I hate having long nails and cut them to stubs whenever they start bothering me.

19. Lots of women hate it but I loved being pregnant! Everything about it was so wonderful and I really enjoyed every second of getting as big as a house and enjoying my childs movement and growth! =)

20. I am a people person and can get along with most anybody but besides a few gems I met in college and after, most of my closest friends today are people that I have grown up with.

21. I hate to cook and I eat junk like a kid when my husbands not here to cook for me. If I'm hungry I like to just eat right away, not wait for something to finish cooking so I just grap stuff from the fridge and graze or eat cereal for every meal. When he's here though I eat well balanced meals!

22. I love rap music but now that I'm a Mommy I only download the clean versions. My son can't have a potty mouth!!

23. I love Britney Spears! I really want to go to her concert in Houston this March but I dont know if I'll still be living in CO or not so it's hard to make plans. We'll see! =)

24. I pray everyday. I would feel lost without knowing that someone is in control and watching over me and my family.

25. I started dancing when I was 3 and can't live without it. I still dance all around the house or put on a song and just go like I were in the music video or something. I really miss it sometimes and I plan on taking some tap and hip hop classes when we move back!


Tiffany said...

I want four kids too!! And I also don't think I would ever eat a decent meal if it weren't for my husband... grazing is the only way for me.

I had no idea about the car accident. God was definitely watching over you. I am so glad you are able to tell about it.

Melissa said...

This was so much fun to read! And, I not only learned alot more about you, but also realized we have ALOT in common! OMG, slurping and SMACKING most of all makes me NUTS! Also, I've always wanted to be in music videos dancing since I was in dance myself all throughout school! And, when you said you say hi to EVERYONE, I laughed bc me, my mom, and my grandpa do the same thing, we smile or start up a conversation with whoever needs that communication, you just never know how it can effect a persons day, but James thinks its the craziest thing, LOL! And about the nails ME TOO - if I get fake ones they have to be cut short to the finger (so theres really no point, lol). Did you watch last weekends Girls Next Door and Bridget's new film she directed! She is such a smart & beautiful person inside and out it seems! Anywho, loved your 25 randoms! Have a great weekend! Oh, PS - Brintey ROCKS! My husband would be rolling his eyes at me right now, but its true! LOL!