Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Colorado!

Well we've lived here for almost a year so you think I'd be used to the fact that this is my "home". But no...I still look around in awe and remind myself that I LIVE here! I walked around today and everything is just covered in white, and there's deer and elk everywhere!

These elk were at the entrance of our neighborhood.
It really is just so beautiful; a completely different world than Texas (which I do miss very much)!


Skiing- So Much Fun!!!

Ice-Not So Fun!!!

Yes, that is definitely the downfall to this winter wonderland!! Ice builds up on the roof and Kyle has to get up there and break it all down. Ice covers the back porch and we shovel all we can and sprinkle salt. Ice packs down the driveway and then you spend hours chipping away at it and shoveling it to the side. Every time it snows Kyle has to get on the 4 wheeler and plow it so it doesn't pack into ice. It's a lot of work to live here! I must admit Kyle does most of it but I do try to help here and there.

Today I decided to get out of the house and take Keaton to the library. I can't just go jump in my car and head out. I had to get it started with the defrost on to melt some of the ice and go out there with my little ice tool (I don't know what its called) and clear all the snow and ice from the windows so I could see. After we were good to go I slowly backed out so I wouldn't slip and slide all the way down our long driveway! Our driveway is also at an incline so that doesn't help at all!

I drove to the library successfully but on the way home I was approaching a roundabout thing that you're to yield at so the other cars already circling can continue by. I saw a car coming around the circle so I slowly braked (slowly is supposed to be the key on ice) but my tires started spinning and I kept going forward. Granted I was going slow so it wouldn't have been a huge collision but it scared the crap out of me! I started screaming and honked my horn so they would know I couldn't stop and was headed their way. Luckily nothing happened but I couldn't wait to get home!

Then as I turned into the driveway (happy to be off the roads) my tires started spinning. GREAT! So I calmly put it in 4 wheel high like I was taught and eased forward. My back end starts fishtailing into the snow so I stopped and walked the rest of the way up to our house with Keaton, the diaper bag and our library findings in hand. I figured Kyle can get it out much easier than I can once he gets home tonight!

Geez, no wonder everyone hunkers down inside this time of year!


Anonymous said...

That is so scary! It's hard to imagine not really being able to just get up and go whenever you want due to all that ice! I hope you got some good stuff at the library!!

JAJ said...

I can sooo see you in all these situations, hehe. I am glad you and Keaton made it home safely!!!

Tiffany said...

Yuck, thank goodness you don't have to go to work every morning. How long does this "winter wonderland fun" last? You and the family stay safe.

Kristin said...

Tiffany: The snow calms down in March and then it takes months for it to all melt away! Last year it snowed in May! CRAZY!

Jenny said...

I remember those days from when I lived in Madison WI. I used to slide all over the road, once did a 360 on the freeway, and also slid off the freeway onto the shoulder quite a few times. The ice scraper does come in handy, and I BEGGED my ex to invest in a slow blower because shoveling is THE WORST!!! We had a big blizzard in like April. YUCK. The worst part is when all the snow finally melts and you've got about 90 + piles of dog poo to go pick up from the yard. Come back to Texas, you don't have to worry about all that!!