Monday, January 26, 2009

Little of This, Little of That

It looks like all the prayers the King Quads are getting are paying off! Check out the before and after pics of little Preston here! His kidneys are working now and all the swelling has gone down! I'm so happy for that family and although I'll keep them all in my prayers because they're still so small and still fighting, it looks like everything will be OK now! YAY God!!!!! =)

Our weekend wasn't too exciting but it was nice! On Saturday we went into town to walk around Main St. and then have lunch. It was a nice day spent with my two boys!! We were going to go ski yesterday but the weather was gloomy and blah so we decided to stay in. We watched the movie Hancock and it was really good! I liked it a lot and recommend it if you haven't seen it yet!

OK now if you haven't finished reading the Twilight Series and don't want to know what happens DON'T READ BEYOND THIS!!!!!!!! Only read beyond this if you've read it or you don't plan on reading it and don't care (which means you're crazy!! haha!) =)

OK CCBC (cross country book club), I finished the series last week and I LOVED it!!!!!!! There is so much stuff packed into that last book it's amazing! Once I was finished I flipped back to the front and I couldn't believe that they weren't even married at the beginning because it seemed like I read about that so long ago!! I know I said I really liked Jacob and it was up until the last book that I would have been happy if Bella had ended up with him. Once I got into the last book I just loved Edward and was so happy how everything turned out! I loved their honeymoon and then she's pregnant! Genius!! But the name Renesmee???? Come on, that name is awful! I guess it did kind of grow on me though and I was used to it by the end. I read that Stephenie Meyer said no normal human name suited the baby right so she came up with an abnormal name that would work better, I guess she's right because I can't imagine her being named Sue or something! =) I just loved the whole book and totally get what all the fuss was about now!! Has anybody read her other book, The Host??


Melissa said...

ugh! i'm sooo tempted to read the rest of the this blog! feeling teased, LOL! i gotta finish up my books!

Cara said...

SO glad you loved the last book!! It was by far my favorite!! I haven't read The Host yet, so you'll have to tell me if you start reading it. I'm starting Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin today!

Kimmie said...

Im terrible. I havent found time to finish the 4th book but had to read your thoughts. Now Im totally motivated to get back on the 4th book, haha.