Friday, January 23, 2009


I remember when I was pregnant with Keaton people would tell me how awesome parenthood was and (you know the sang) you don't know true love until you have a child. I would nod my head in agreement thinking that I knew what they were talking about, I had heard it a thousand times and I knew being a mom would be great. You start loving your baby the second you see that positive pregnancy test but it wasn't until Keaton was born that I realized I hadn't REALLY understood what they were saying because what I felt then was so much more than I'd expected! At that moment every single parenting cliche just clicked and it all is so true! I not only understood what everyone had been trying to tell me but I completely felt it and understood what they meant entirely. I almost felt like I had just joined some secret club that you can't get into and understand until you've had a kid. Then it all falls into place and you're on the same wave length as the rest of the parenting world. =)

I truly will do anything for my son. I pray everyday for him. I want him to be happy for all the years of his life. I pray for his health and for his safety. I pray that he will have a good group of christian friends and stay on the right path as he grows up. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for him or any sacrifice that I wouldn't make to help better him.

I read so many blogs in "blogland" and some of them make me smile and fill me with joy and others just break my heart. I've read of women loosing their baby minutes or hours after they've given birth, children battling cancer, and premature babies fighting for their life. I just can't imagine what these women go through and the pain they feel. It is such a scary world! Today I ask you to pray for Preston King. He is a quad baby who has kidney failure and is fighting for his life. All 4 of the babies could use your prayers.

I dont want this blog do be a downer, there is so much to be thankful for! Today is another day that me and my family are healthy. I hope today finds you and your family the same way!

Here's a picture of Keaton that's sure to bring a smile to your face! Kyle had to go to Houston last week for work so he brought Keaton with him to see the fam. This was at my parents house in my old room that looks almost exactly the same as it did when I was in Jr. High! The Katy Tiger is still on the bed and my mom just took down my mums that were hanging on the wall about a month ago! It made her cry. I think we decided to save them in a box because it was hard to throw them away. =)
Just a happy kid without a care in the world jumping on the bed =) Thank you God!!!!!!!!

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Melissa said...

I will definitely pray for the little boy! I can't wait to feel the true meaning of being a mommy! As scary as it is starting this adventure, I would never want to take it back! You are such a great mom, Keaton is such a happy boy, you can just tell! Whatever you are doing keep it up! And, maybe I can learn a few things from you! Hehehe.... Also, thanks for the receipe, that sounds perfect and pretty simple! I'm looking for good hearty meals that are easy to prepare and easy to reheat and bring for lunch!