Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday 10

Well, I'm finally late on my Tuesday (now Wednesday) 10!

10 Things Keaton did in 2008...
I figured this was a good one since we just finished off the year. Kids are doing something new everyday and you just hope that you never forget any of it! So here's just a few of the adorable things I never want to forget!

10. Walking!! Keaton started walking on April 7, 2008. It was a couple weeks after his first birthday and I know I'll never forget it!

9. He loves shoes! He will put on any shoe that is lying around rather it be a heel or a boot! I bought him his snow boots this year and he wore them around the house all day and when I took them off for his nap he cried and pointed to them saying boots ( imagine that being said with a lisp)! Right when he woke up, the boots went back on!

8. He loves wearing my headbands...I know, high heels and headbands??? =) He puts them on his head and walks around or he puts them over his eyes like he's a character on Star Trek or something! Hats and sunglasses are also a huge hit!

Keaton decked out in my boots and a headband!

7. He's starting to talk a lot more now. His firsts word was deer (go figure!) and since then he's started saying a lot more things. I have to remind myself not to cuss around him so he doesn't pick any of that up! The other day our dog was barking like crazy and I told her to shut up and then what do you know, Keaton said it! Great! He also says juice in the cutest way possible and if he's playing and gets thirsty he comes up to me and repeats it over and over. I'm getting your juice child, geez! =) No really I love it!

6. As the years gone by he's started to get more independent and I feel a lot more comfortable about watching him play on a playground from a short distance versus being right behind him the whole time. It's a lot more relaxing for me now and I love just watching him do his thing!

5. He loves being outside! When it's not snowing he loves to just walk around the front yard and pick up pine cones, sticks, etc. He is such a boy! He could stay out there all day! Now that there's snow he doesn't really know what to do with it but he still loves walking around and looking at everything.

4. He loves helping his daddy! He helps Kyle stack wood outside or bring pieces of wood inside for the fire. He also loves to watch daddy work in the garage or help him plow the snow! Anything with his daddy is fun for him!

3. In the dancing department, Keaton takes after his mommy! He loves music and whenever he hears it playing he bends his knees and starts bobbing up and down from side to side with a huge smile on his face! He dances to anything from the music on the radio, music from his toys or even Christmas cards that you open and play a song. He just loves to shake it, just like his mama!! =)

2. If he wasn't so outgoing I probably would have worried about autism because this kid loves to organize stuff! He will line up his cars across the coffee table, line movies in a row, stack his bananas, and organize his food on his high chair! He puts all his grapes in the cup holder of his tray and if you mess it up he does it again. So funny!

Lining up his movies! And of course doing his picture pose! Down and to the left! =)

1. Keaton is very sneaky and he started tricking us when it was his bedtime! As we would get him ready for bed he would start saying eat while doing the sign for it at the same time. We would assume he was hungry and bring him back down for a banana or something. He usually would have a bite or 2 (maybe!) and then he wouldn't want anymore so we'd put him down. We quickly realized he wasn't hungry at all, he was just doing something that he knew would give him some more awake time! Sneaky kid! That trick doesn't work anymore but he probably does it at least 5 times out of the week, especially at nap time! =)


Cara said...

He is just too cute! I love his little giggle in the video of him walking. How he has grown since then! What a sweet little guy you have, Kristin. And he is so very stylish with his headband and boots! ;)

Jenny said...

He is soooo cute! I love all of his videos. Watching him grow on Blog is awesome. I think my favorite thing he does is the "picture pose".

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love the video! (I love all your videos! They always make me smile!) Keaton's really developing a little personality! His organizing things just cracks me up! It's amazing how much he's grown up in a year!

John Paul and Rachel Buckley said...

I am officially in love with Keaton! So glad I can keep up with you life now and hopefully we will be able to see each other in person again soon!