Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10...Aggie Style!!

Here's 10 of my favorite pics from tailgating and going to the games!

10. This is from the Ags vs. McNeese game on 9-1-01. I was a sophomore in college and we used to all go hang out at Kyle and Heaths duplex (seen here) before the games for some good barbeque and drinks! =) College goes by too fast! So much fun!

9. Ags vs. Clemson 2004 (I know that's a big date jump but I don't know where the rest of my college football pics are!) As the years went on we upgraded from hanging out at Kyle's place to tailgating with the Kotzebue's and Wheelers. Everyone would come hang out with us and then we'd walk over to the game. This is still the tradition but sadly Kyle and I couldn't join in this year due to living hundreds of miles away but we will definitely partake again when we move back! =)

8. Ags vs. TU 2005- Texas was ranked number 2, we weren't ranked at all and although they beat us it turned out to be the poorest performance of the season by the Longhorns, both offensively and defensively! Can I hear a WHOOP!!! Poor Gina was the only orange in a sea of maroon! We didn't give her too hard of a time! =)

7. This is the same game in 2005- Me, Kyle and my "brothers"! One of my all time favorite pics of all of us!

6. I don't remember who we played here but it was Sept 9, 2006. I was right about 3 months pregnant and dreaming of the day we'd have an adorable little person to dress up in Aggie gear and bring tailgating with us!

5. Ags vs. Nebraska, Nov. 11, 2006- Still pregnant and I remember I was freezing! Weird for a pregnant lady! Everyone else seemed fine in their short sleeves!

4. 10-6-07 The rest of the pics are from this same game...The adorable kid we can dress up is here! Keaton was 6 months old when we brought him for his first day of tailgating. He was such a trooper and did so good the entire day! I remember feeding him baby food in his little bouncer and he even blocked out all the noise and took a long nap in the pack-n-play. Born to be an Aggie I guess! =)

3. Kyle Field behind us...and no, although it wouldn't be too far fetched since they're die hard Aggie fans, Kyle is not named after the field! =)

2. Father and son having a great time together. Class of 03' and future Class of about 2028??? =)

1. Nighttime and he's still truckin!! I can't wait to take him again once we move back. Although now that he's into everything I know it will be a lot more work but it's still so much fun! Now if only the Aggies could get a winning team! =) Soon enough!


Cara said...

What a cute Tuesday 10 idea, Kristin!! My favorite A&M game memory? November 23, 2006! A&M vs tu in Austin, the day after P proposed! We waited too long to by tickets, so we watched the game from a bar on 6th St that a bunch of Aggies had taken over. Ags won and it was SUCH a memorable day!! :)

Jenny said...

Really cute!!! LOVE all the pics. And little Keaton.... soooo adorable!

Kimmie said...

What a cute Tuesday 10. Those are awesome memories and I know Kyle field along with Texas, are patiently awaiting your move back :)