Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun With Friends

When I saw the previews for the movie Bride Wars I thought it looked cute and girly (which is right up my ally) but I also wasn't sure if it would be too, what's the word...hokey, over the top with the cattiness??? But it wasn't, I LOVED it! I went yesterday for a girls day out with my friend, Laura ,and it was so much fun! While we were gone our husbands stayed home with the boys watching football and drinking beer. After the movie we all hung out for the rest of the day and ate a delicious meal that Kyle cooked! Keaton and Jack had a blast together as usual!

Bucket Heads!! =)

Two Peas in a Pod!

Then Keaton pulled out one of my necklaces and a headband...

Jack of course joined right in!!

The daddies had fun too! =)

FYI:this beer was not all consumed while they were alone babysitting! Us moms didn't take too long before we were back to help supervise! =) It was a great day for all of us!! =) Hope you had a great weekend!


Cara said...

How fun! Keaton absolutely cracks me up! I'm definitely going to see Bride Wars this week!

Anonymous said...

The headbands and necklaces are so funny! Boys are hilarious!