Sunday, December 14, 2008

Living In A Winter Wonderland!

What a wonderful winter weekend!! On Friday we went with our friends Laura and Jared with their son, Jack, to the Polar Express! It was a kids fantasy and so much fun! The boys wore their PJ's and watched the train come in as the Polar Express music played over the loudspeaker. Then the conductor came out and welcomed everyone onto the train. We had hot chocolate and cookies while we listened to the book being read on our way to the north pole! =) Then we got there and saw Santa Clause! He got on the train and gave everyone a bell. Keaton was a little scared of him but was in awe of the whole experience! On the way back we sang Christmas songs and Keaton started dancing making the people around us laugh. We had a great time!

Our Little Family

(Keaton looks thrilled, haha!)

The Whole Gang

Enjoying his cookie.
Crazy Boys!

Then on Saturday Kyle and I got up nice and early and headed to Wolf Creek Ski Resort for a day of skiing while Keaton played at Jack's house. I had been so excited about our first ski trip and although we had as much fun as I thought we would, it didn't look at all how I had imagined it! I envisioned the ground covered in beautiful white snow with the crisp cool air and sun shining down on us. I was excited to wear all my new ski gear and I thought we'd take some really cute pictures, maybe even put one on our Christmas card... but no...the only thing that was the same as I imagined was the ground covered in snow! The snow was pouring down the entire time we were there, not a ray of sunshine in sight, it was so foggy you could barely see the ski run in front of you, I had mascara running down my face, Kyle's beard was frozen with icicles, my hair was frozen after it was hit by the wind so it was all over the place and our faces were red from wind burns. Sounds brutal I know, but it was a blast! As far as picture taking we got very few because neither of us wanted to take off our thick gloves to take one and it was snowing so much we would have gotten it all wet. Here's some pics we did take though.


I wasn't lying! Literally icicles!

Having a blast!

I love snow! (and this was just in the parking lot!)

Snow Angels!!!!

We had a wonderful time together! I was nervous at first because I've only been skiing once and it was about 7 years ago but my ski legs came right back! We both had a couple falls. I ran into a Charlie Brown tree when I cut too sharp to the left and Kyle and I both fell into about 5 ft. of powder at different times when we couldn't see the ski run and got too far off it. =) We also collided into each other once which was pretty funny! I can't wait to go again! It's so weird to be a "local" and go whenever we want! When we got back to the car it had snowed about 6 inches since we had arrived so the drive home was interesting. We (Kyle) had to stop twice to scrape the ice off the wipers and before we got down off the mountain we saw 4 people that had slid off the road. We got home safe, thank God! Here's a couple videos of the weather conditions! =)


Cara said...

How PRETTY! I'm so glad you are loving your winter wonderland, instead of just hating the snow like a lot of people do. I would love it too! And your little family is just too, too cute. :)

Kimmie said...

What an awesome wknd you guys had. I loved reading that you ran into a tree as thats sooo something I would do, haha. Im headed to Oregon next monday and cant wait to play in the snow. I will be sure to make a snow angel for you :)

Tiffany said...

Polar Express?? That sounds like such an amazing time for the kids (big and little)!!! Ya'll be careful up there with all that snow... I am surprised that a Texas family is handling it so well... we had to start school late in some areas of Houston last week because of a couple inches of snow the night before!

Darby said...

OMG, I hardly believed you when you said Kyle had icicles hanging in his beard, but the pic proved it... that is absurd! haha, I love keeping up with you and your fam. even when you are so far away. Seems like that is the only way we can keep in touch lately! Love you guys, be careful in all that weather!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, Kristin- it really is a winter wonderland! Your videos were scary- and yet so beautiful!! We had a little snow flurry last week, but man your pictures make me want to see real snow! We're having Polar Express Day at work on Friday, but I'm sure it won't be nearly as magical as Keaton's! :)