Monday, December 29, 2008

Tuesday 10

Well because I haven't blogged since last Tuesday, today's Tuesday 10 will be:

10 More Things We Did During Our Christmas Vacation...

10. We went to the Children's Service at Church on Christmas Eve which was fantastic! They really keep the kids attention by allowing them to participate with everything! They read the story of Christ's birth and have children act it out. While they're reading they have "props" that the kids in the audience use to be apart of the story.

Keaton with his halo on.

One of the 3 Kings

Fascinated by the candle!

9. After Church we went to Kyle's parents house for Christmas with his family. We had a delicious meal, opened presents, and watched Christmas Vacation. It was a wonderful evening and we all got great gifts!! I got my Twilight Series so now I can finally read those!! I can't wait!

No mistletoe but still a Christmas kiss!! ;)

Keaton tearing into gifts!

Asleep and waiting for Santa!

We can relax once Keaton's down!

8. That morning we woke up and went to my parents house for my Dads delicious breakfast!! It's been a long time since we've all had a big breakfast together so it was really nice! One of my favorite gifts was a wedding album that I can FINALLY put all my 8x10 pictures from our wedding in! I've only been married for 4.5 years! I just never got around to doing it so luckily mom did! The last gift we gave my parents was a cute tin filled with letters that we all wrote to each of them just thanking them for everything and reminiscing about our favorite memories as kids. I got the idea from Oprah and it was great! We were all teary eyed and my mom said it was the best Christmas she's ever had!

7. Kyle left that night to go hunting again and I met up with April at Bakers St. It was so good to see her and Amber! We stayed there for a while and then went to Mo's where we saw tons of people from HS! It was so much fun! Its nice when we're in town and we have our parents to babysit! Kyle gets to fit in a lot of hunting which is what he loves to do and then I get to go out dancing and visiting with friends. We normally don't get to do much so we appreciate it when we have that opportunity while we're in town!

Me, April, and Amber

6. On Friday I decided to go to the mall and that wasn't a very good idea! I swear they didn't have the air conditioning on! It was sooooo hot!! This is Houston, TX so it was about 80 degrees outside and there was so many people shopping I was literally sweating! I took Keaton to the play area and it was packed!! He of course had a great time so it was worth it.

5. That night I got to see my friend Candyce and hang out with her. I also saw one of my friends from Elementary, Jason. He had moved to Mississippi so I hadn't seen him in a couple years. That's one of the reasons why I just LOVE Katy! Everyones grown up together and you know if you go out you're going to run into at least one person you know!

4. Saturday my Pawpaw came to town to see us. It was so good to see him and we had a wonderful time visiting!

3. Later that evening we went to Kyle's Mimi's house for Christmas with his cousins. We always have a ton of fun together and now that we're all having kids its so much fun to get them together to play!

Boxes are so fun!!

2. Sunday morning our moms dropped us off at the airport and we headed back to Colorado! This time coming back was bittersweet. Here lately we've been going to visit so much for weddings and holidays so whenever we came back here I always knew that in a couple more weeks we'd be headed back to Texas. This time we don't have anymore plans to return until the summer so it will be a long stretch.

Keaton having fun in the car after we landed. =)

1. It was nice to be home. We were welcomed with a ton of snow and 4 degree weather!! Our neighbor was nice enough to plow the driveway and front of the house so we could get in. It's a whole other world here! =) Our truck was stuck and I haven't been able to go anywhere the last 2 days because of it! I shoveled snow for about 2 hours to try to get out yesterday and then Kyle worked on it last night but it's stuck. He's getting it out tonight with the help of our neighbors backhoe.

I love the icicles!

See why I couldn't go anywhere!

HUGE icicle!

Our front yard! Unbelievable! You can hardly see Keaton's toy there on the right!


Cara said...

Looks like you had another fantastic time in Katy! :)

I can't get over ALL of the snow in CO! You are such a trooper!

Anonymous said...

That huge icicle is awesome! I can't believe you were stuck in for two days... it really is another world.
I'm glad you got to do so much and see so many people while you were home. Any word on moving back??