Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday 10

10 things going on this last week...

10. Kyle got snowed in from work last Tuesday and Thursday so it was so nice to have him home!! It worked out perfect because we had planned on doing our Christmas with just the 3 of us on Thursday when he got home (since we flew out Friday) but since he was off we did it that morning with hot chocolate and snow falling down all day!! Kyle gave me a beautiful Tiffany's bracelet to match the necklace he gave me for our anniversary. I also got Knocked Up and The Devil Wears Prada. I gave him some shirts, an ipod dock and a wooden cabinet with the block aTm on the front and you open it and it's a dart board. Keaton just had a blast! He was so excited when he opened his Backyardigans guitar; he loves all his new stuff! We forgot to give him this big Tonka truck but we'll give him that as a bonus when we get back!! It was a wonderful early family Christmas!!
Keaton Playing in the Snow

Kyle Plowing

Making Christmas Cookies

Backyardigans Guitar!!!

9. Friday we flew in to Houston and Keaton was so excited to see his Mawmaw and DeeDee when they picked us up! He did so good on the plane I didn't even have to pull out one toy! Normally I'm like Mary Poppins pulling everything under the sun out of our bag to keep him occupied. This time he just played with the window shade, buttons for the overhead lights, and the tray in front of us. Luckily nobody was sitting there!! =)

8. Of course my first meal with everyone was Mexican food! We went to Victors and I had a big strawberry margarita with delicious food!! YUM!!!! I accidentally dropped a scoop of guacamole on my mother in laws lap, which we all thought was hysterical!! I don't know if it was really that funny or just because of those BIG margaritas??? ;)

7. On Saturday I took my mom to the movies to see Australia. It was sad at parts but we both liked it a lot and had a gtreat time together! Keaton ended up getting a fever while we were gone so he wasn't feeling too great. No other symptoms though so a couple rounds of Tylenol and Motrin cleared him up.

6. Saturday night Keaton stayed with my parents while I went to my friends, JoDee and her husband Sean's, Christmas party. She had yummy snacks and drinks while we all visited and then we went on a hay ride to see the AMAZING lights in her neighborhood! I had so much fun! I used to teach with JoDee and the other 2 members from our old 5th grade team, Matilde and Cindy, were there so it was so great to hang out as a group again!! I've missed them so much! Afterwards, I met my friend Megan and her boyfriend, Pace, at Bakers St. for a couple drinks. It was so great to see her! I just love her and Pace is such a sweetheart!

Old 5th Grade Gang!

5. Sunday I went to my old roommate Wendy's baby shower. She is due with a baby girl, Caley, in March! I can't wait to meet her! Wendy was just glowing and it was so fun to see her and everyone else!

4. That night I just snuggled with Keaton for hours! He slept with me (Kyle was hunting this whole time) and although he woke me up consistently throughout the night it was wonderful snuggling with him and having him so close to me!

3. Monday my other old college roommate, Summer, came to my moms and we visited for a while. She gave Keaton his Christmas gift which he just LOVED!! Her and I left and had a VERY successful shopping trip at Katy Mills and then met Kendall for lunch at Los Cucos...yes more Mexican food, of course!!!

2. Kyle came home last night and today we took Keaton to get his picture with Santa!! He was scared to death of him but I still just love the picture! Classic!! Santa was kinda scary looking so I probably would have cried too! =)
Right before..."I'm not sure about this Mom"
Not Happy!!!!

1. Tonight we went to dinner at Chile's with our old neighbors. Before we moved to Colorado our block was literally the perfect place to live! We had a short cul-de-sac with the best neighbors ever. We were all good, fun people (if I do say so myself) just starting to have kids and it was perfect! Luckily we still keep in touch and our kids are just too cute together! I feel so blessed to have them in my life! Paige just turned 2 in October, Aidan will be 2 in February, and Keaton is last in March! Absolutely PRECIOUS!!
Three Musketeers!

Keaton and his "girlfriend" Paige. =)


Jenny said...

SUPER CUTE!! Hope you guys have a nice Holiday and enjoy your time and LOTS of Mexican food in Houston!!! When I lived in Madison, WI, my goal when I came home was to eat so much Mexican food I'd get sick of it til the next trip home. Mexican food is NOT THE SAME anywhere else!!!

Anonymous said...

That santa picture is awesome! You've been so busy!! It was really great to see you at our party- I only wish it wasn't so busy so I could have talked with you more! What a whirlwind!