Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smile For The Camera!

Here lately whenever I pick up my camera I say, "Smile for the camera" and Keaton leans down to his left and smiles waiting for me to take the picture. I don't know where he got that stance from but it cracks me up! He hasn't quite figured out that when I have the video camera it's different than the regular camera so he keeps striking his pose throughout this video thinking that I'm taking a picture.


And yes, he loves chap stick so every time I put it on he has to have some too! =)


Jenny said...

I am nominating him for the world's cutest kid!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

Roni said...

It looks like he's leaning over to have his picture taken with someone. He probably sees you doing that when you have yours made. That is SO CUTE!!! What a babe!

Cara said...

I needed that laugh this morning! He is just the cutest!

JoDee said...

I just want to squeeze him! How sweet is he!