Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Never Thought...

that these words would come out of my mouth:

Me- "I don't know. I just kinda wanted to get dressed, put some makeup on and go to Wal Mart or something."

Kyle starts cracking up.

Me- "What?" with a smirk.

Kyle- "I need a camera getting you saying that! Getting dressed to go to Wal Mart, huh?"

Yes those were the words that came out of my mouth. Anyone who lives in this town is probably laughing because they've felt the same way. We live so far from anything and the closest "big" place is Wally World! Which is still a good 30-40 min away! Keaton and I usually go into town about 2-3 times during the week but on the days we stay at home I sometimes stay in my PJ's all day playing with him. Why get dressed when you're not going anywhere and all your neighbors are at least an acre away, right? =) So on the weekends I'm looking for a change of pace. That sometimes means that putting on makeup and going to Wal Mart is it! =) We did end up going and doing some Christmas shopping for Keaton. There are so many adorable toys it's so hard to contain yourself and not go overboard! I can't wait until Christmas!

We also went and rented our ski's for the season. We plan on going this coming Saturday and I'm so excited!! I hope yall had a great weekend!

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