Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend

Our weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday night we went to a Couples Baby Shower for our good friends Jason and Leeanne. They're waiting to find out the sex of the baby like we did so that's super fun! =) Leeanne is an ADORABLE pregnant lady and is going to make such a great mom! It was really nice to mingle with adults and enjoy some wine! =) I've said it before and I'll say it again...Mommies really need some ME time every once in a while!! This was just what I needed! It's always fun hanging out with Kyle's bro, Bryce, and his beautiful girlfriend, Megan! =)

The 4 of us!

Me and Megan

Then on Sunday we went to church with Kyle's parents and back to their house for lunch with the family. We heard some great news that day (more on that later) and enjoyed hanging out as a family. My kiddos got me a beautiful necklace and earrings that I have been wanting from the Tori Spelling Jewlery Collection...I just love her and her jewlery! I was super excited and so was Keaton! He kept saying," Mom do you like the necklace I picked out for you!" =) So cute!

My Angel and Princess! =)

That night the kids passes out so Kyle stayed with them while I met my sisters and Mom at Victors for a yummy dinner and drink! We had a lot of fun and my mother's day was a great one! I hope all you other mommas had a good one, you are appreciated!! XOXO


Holly Carr said...

Kristin! I have not been on your blog in a long time, and it is soo good to see pics of your cutie pies! I hope everything is well with you guys.

Roni said...

what is the great news?