Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy x3

Happy Birthday Heath!
Happy Father's Day!
Happy Birthday Kyle!

Last weekend was filled with Happiness! =)

Saturday night we hosted a surprise party for Kyle's best friend Heath. I always get a little anxious with surprise party's because I don't want to miss them arriving and ruin everything! But everyone showed up on time and the party was a huge success! We had a lot of fun hanging out with great friends just enjoying the conversation over yummy food and drinks! It got a little crazy as the night went on (could have been because of the adult beverages??) but let's just say there was tackling, drop kicking, laughing, flip cup, beer pong, laughing, oh and by the end of the night 1/2 the guys were in their skivvies due to a drinkin' game!!?? I'm just sayin'! =)

Some of the ladies! (Please ignore the hideous wallpaper!)

The boys!

Rachel, Me, Carrie and Abby

Julie getting a kiss from the b-day boy! He gave quite a few of those out! =)

Me and Jules!

I told you it got rowdy! Carrying the b-day boy to the grass for a beating?!?!

This was the popular picture of the night. Caught just perfectly before Jason went down. These boys all grew up together so when you put them in the same room together they turn back into 15 year old's quite comical! =)

P.S. Nobody was injured in the making of these pictures. It was all fun and games! ;)

Sunday was Father's Day and I got to celebrate my wonderful hubby who is such an amazing daddy!! The kids were already at my parents house since they babysat for us the night before so we drove over there and had lunch with my sisters and their families. Then for dinner we were supposed to go out with Kyle's family but Karter and Keaton had fallen asleep so I stayed home with them and let my hubby have a nice dinner out with his parents and brothers.

Karter started crawling up the stairs! She LOVES her Daddy!

Karter and cousin Taylor! Two pretty girls!

Then Tuesday, June 22, was Kyle's birthday!! We had both our families over that night for lasagna and just had another wonderful evening together! The downer of the night was when I dropped a metal folding table on my toe and I'm 99% sure I broke it! Right after it hit I was so dizzy and completely lost my appetite, I felt like I was going to throw up. I wasn't trying to be dramatic but AHHHH, it hurt so bad! It's now feeling MUCH better but it's all blue and swollen. I didn't take any pictures, apparently I wasn't thinking much after I hurt my foot.

Happy Birthday Baby!!! I love you forever and always! =)


Dirk & Christina Dunlap said...

Karter is so CUTE Kristen! Your babies are beautiful! Looks like the old Katy crew hasn't changed, I love that about Katy. I hope the toe heals quickly.

The Siegert Family said...

hey girl, I got the swim suit at Gymboree. hope all is well. Your family is sooo darn cute!!

Anonymous said...

taylor you look a natural mummy lets go make babies I wanna suck on those lovey t-t-