Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ali The Bachelorette Post 2

OK I must say...sometimes I impress myself with my first episode predictions! hehe! I'm sticking to the same guys I mentioned in my first post! There will probably be a few surprises but overall those guys are going to be around for a while.

I do still like Jesse but now Chris L is my fav! He is just so sexy to me!! He's nice, polite, and manly! I like a real man, not those pretty boys! I hope they have a one on one soon and hopefully the romance will be there because me likey! =)

Roberto is probably next in line, he's so sweet and you can tell he's there for the right reasons. They have a connection and I think he'll stick around until the final 3!

I was sooo glad to see jerkoff Craig M leave and I think Craig R. Chris N, and weatherman are pretty much just there because she had extra roses to give and there was no reason to send them home yet. Criag R drives me crazy, he needs to get off Justin's back. I think Justin is totally there for the right reasons and Im going to add him to my list of being around for a long time!! He's this seasons Vienna for sure!

I'm just LOVING this show, as I always do!! I said I usually pick 3 of the final 4 right so here goes...Roberto, Kirk, Chris L, and Justin. I'd like to add Jesse to that instead of Justin but this is Ali's top 4, not mine, so those are my guesses. We shall see!! I wonder who the guy is that has a girlfriend back at home that they keep previewing?? Something tells me Kirk (which would obviously mean he wouldn't make final 4 and my guess is crap) but I literally pulled that out of my ass so we'll see. Hope you are enjoying it too! =)


Bradi said...

Do you ever read Reality Steve's blog? I'm sure you don't like to spoil the entire season, like I do, but it's definitely interesting (and right on!). I've ruined this season by reading about EVERY episode already!

Kimmie said...

So funny what Bradi said because I was just about to ask if you had read the same blog. I was shocked by what I read and now Im not to sure about the remaining episodes. Its just soooo fabricated. UGH!

Great seeing you at the wedding by the way.

Melissa said...

I heard its the wrestler, hes supposedly got 2 girlfriends back home.

Kristin said...

NOOOOO I will NOT read Reality Steve!! =) Believe me I can't wait to read it AFTER the show is over but you know me, I love surprises and I just can't spoil it! So thanks a lot Melissa, haha!! =)