Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ali The Bachelorette Post 4

Soooo it started off with poetry, let the uncomfortableness begin! =)

Kasey, oh Kasey! He already sounds like he has a bubble in his throat 24/7 and being in the cold didn't help his speech skills at all. He's a mess.

Frank and Kirk did really well and I'm glad she picked Kirk! They're date was wonderfully cute and I loved the matching sweaters. They were hideous, don't get me wrong, but I love that they don't take themselves too seriously! =)

Then the group date...Chris L is still my FAVORITE!! I thought Ty was still around because he was nice but I didn't think the romance was there but after last night and previews of next week it looks like the sparks are starting to fly! I do like a southern boy! ;)

Last was the 2 on 1 date...this was HORRIBLE!! She looked miserable out there in the freezing cold! I really thought she was going to send both of them home! Sadly Justin is still there but I really don't see him staying around for that much longer! Thank God Kasey and his tatoo are gone! That boy is NUTS! I can see how she felt bad because you never want to hurt someones feelings! But leaving him on a glacier in the middle of nowhere!!! That trumps Robbie being kicked off the train by Jillian if I do say so myself!

Hallelujah, what's his name is FINALLY gone! Oh yeah, Chris N. I forgot his name seeing as how he's only said about 3 sentences and no screen time all season! That was an easy one to see comin'! Poor guy is probably really nice in real life but he just seemed so nervous and uncomfortable!!

I can't wait until next week to see who has a girlfriend, the previews look OH SO GOOD!!

I think Craig R is on the chopping block next. He is funny but I think their relationship is more friends than romance. Don't you??

Til next week...

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