Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keaton's First Hunting Participation

This post is LONG overdue but Kyle had these pictures saved on his work computer and I kept forgetting to get them off...but better late than never!!

For those of you who don't know my husband, he loves hunting! He's done it all his life and besides his family and friends, it's his biggest passion! All of that passion has been passed down to Mr. Keaton!! We've always taken Keaton to the Ranch and he has always loved riding around on the tractor or ranger, exploring outside, and just being a BOY! But this year was his first time to start hunting...well not hunting with a real gun himself, but actually going on dove hunts while Kyle shot, or sitting in the blind with Kyle while he waited for a deer or hog! Keaton has loved it and even pretends to hunt almost everyday out of his playhouse in the backyard or his tent inside the house! It's adorable! Kyle has created a hunting monster and I already feel for Keaton's future wife! =)

Keaton's first dove hunt at the Ranch was with the Sechrist boys. Their dad and Kyle have been best friends since Jr. High which makes it all the more amusing to watch these kids together now! I LOVE IT!!

Logan, Keaton, and Caden on the ranger.

Movie Time!

Keaton, Logan, and Keaton's class dog, Puddles! =)

Karter and Daddy!

They're so proud!


Keaton with his Dad and Pop after his first bird hunt!

Keaton and Daddy!

Cleanin' those dirty boys!


Keaton and Karter
Keaton and Logan

All the kiddos...adorable! =)

Daddy got a deer!

Here's the pics of Keaton pretending in the backyard. Notice he has 3 chairs in for him, one for pretend Caden, and one for pretend Logan! Awwwwww!!!

This one cracks me up of him telling me to "shhhh!" so I wouldn't scare the deer away! He was talking to daddy and Mr. Reef (Heath) on the phone from his blind, asking them if they saw any animals yet! =)


JAJ said...

hahaha, I love the ones of him in the back yard! So presh!

JoDee Hale said...

How cute! I'm sure Kyle couldn't be any prouder of him! Can't wait to share these pics with Sean. :)