Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was fantastic! It's so much fun now that Keaton is older and knows the true meaning of Christmas and can talk/sing songs about it! That also makes Santa much more fun because he gets so excited and it's honestly pure joy to watch!!


The kids waiting in our room before they ran out to see what Santa brought!!

Keaton is such a great big brother! So sweet to Sister!! =)

Everyday is Halloween at our house and Santa brought Keaton a chest of costumes and he went from one to the other all day!! =)
First was Iron Man.
Then Wolverine and more to follow that! =)

Karter was saying, "MMMMM!" and eating Santa's leftover crumbs!

Santa left a playhouse outside and they LOVED it!!! The doorbell was a big hit!

After our Christmas morning at the house we went to my parents for another day of presents, family, and yummy food!! The kids got so much stuff from everybody and we made such great memories! Next Christmas we'll have 3 little ones, AHHHHH!!! I LOVE IT!! =)

With my parents and the onsies they opened on Christmas Eve! We forgot to take this picture Christmas Eve so one day late is better than not at all! =)


JoDee Hale said...

So fun! Keaton is such a sweetie- I bet it is so fun now that he really gets what Christmas is all about. Cute pictures!

Melissa said...

You are such a super Mom! Congrats again on baby #3!