Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve's

Christmas Eve Eve:

Kyle's cousins and everyone came over to our house to kick off Christmas. Every year we do a gift exchange where you draw a number and whoever gets 1 picks a gift from the pile first and so on down the line...stealing is involved, you know the rules I'm sure! So Kyle and I decided to type up a little ditty about being pregnant and they had to guess who it was. Bryce (Kyle's brother) picked our gift and read it out loud. Everyone guessed me pretty quickly and was super excited! Here's the video:

Telling Kyle's Family from Kristin Kotzebue on Vimeo.

After we told his family, they had to keep their mouths shut because my family was still in the dark! =) That video's below!

All the Rieger grandkids!

Proud parents and grandparents after we shared our news!

Like father, like son! My boys were pooped after everyone left!

Christmas Eve:

That morning we went to Kyle's parents house to have that side of the family's tree. The kids were of course super spoiled and loved everything they got! They are so lucky to have the grandparents and aunts and uncles they have!! Kyle and I got some amazing gifts too! It was a wonderful morning!

My excited little reindeer!

Karter loves her new baby from Uncle Brad and Aunt Amanda!!

Feeding her baby! She'll be such a good big sis!

Keaton in his new Star Wars helmet from Uncle Bryce!!

Seriously everyday is Halloween at my house! =)

Karter got new rainboots!

After a delicious lunch we headed to our church for Christmas Eve service. We met my parents and sisters there and then came to our house afterward.

Once we got to our house I couldn't wait to tell my family our news! I didn't want it to seem obvious so I poured myself some eggnog as a disguise! Of course I didn't drink any of it though,I just poured it down the drain in the bathroom or gave it to Kyle to chug, haha! Keaton had made Kyle and I a pillow at school for Christmas so I showed it to everyone and told my parents he had a little gift for them too! So I suggested we sit down so they could open it and then we could let the kids go ahead and open their Christmas Eve gift (which is always PJ's!). I had bought newborn onsies, one said Little Brother and the other said Little Sister and I had each of my parents open it up! Priceless! Here's the video:

Wasn't that fantastic! I apparently did a really good job of pretending to drink Eggnog because my mom wasn't pleased with me about that in the video, haha!! Right after that I sat down with Keaton and talked to him about it and he is so excited! We hadn't told him yet because I knew he would spill the beans! Both of our ideas turned out perfect and everyone was just so excited! This little baby is such a lucky kid, to come into a family where they're already so loved! I feel so blessed!!

The kids had a blast and we made Santa cookies...then off to bed so Santa could come! =)


Making cookies!

My parents always took a picture of us pretending to be asleep on Christmas Eve so here is Mr. Keaton...ready and waiting to fall asleep so Santa will come! =)


JoDee Hale said...

AWESOME VIDEOS!!!!! I'm tearing up!!!! SO excited for you and your families- what an amazing Christmas gift! Yea!!!!!!!!!

The Carrs said...

Sooooo exciting! Thanks for sharing, that was a lot of fun to watch. I told Chris and his response was "Good, I am glad good people are having lots of kids!" I agree with him. Love you guys!

Tiffany said...

Those were incredibly cute and I love, love, love how excited both of the families got! So sweet!

JAJ said...

I LOVED THIS!!! Tears were just running down my cheeks. :)
When we get preggers, I am coming to you to get good tips on telling the parents.
So excited for you and the family!

AmandaFurman said...

LOVED the videos! Goosebumps all over! Thanks for sharing! SOOOOO excited for you guys!

Paige Reynolds said...

I love the way you say, 'YES!!' when Kyle's family asked if it was you- I watched that part probably 10 times- so cute! And of course your mom's reactions was sooo Miss. Donna! I miss them! So happy for your new baby- are you feeling boy or girl?

Matilde said...

Kristin-I just LOVED your mom...she was so cute. She totally thought you were drinking!! Congrats I'm so excited for your family. Oh and I like Kyle's comment too ..."umm-it wasn't exactly planned"..haha...those are the best ones!! Congrats again!!

Stephanie said...

What AWESOME videos!! They were all so excited!! Love it!
(I keep forgetting you know the Carrs..Dana and I have been friends since we were 18 months! Love them!)
Congrats again!!

katy said...

Congratulations!!! So exciting.

Blondie said...

Both of your posts were fantastic! I'm so excited for you and Kyle! Another precious Kotzebue... I can't wait. Love ya. Miss ya! Give Kyle a big congrats hug for me. XOXO