Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leading Up To Christmas...

What a busy December! I have lots to catch you up on so here goes...

First of all on December 6th we welcomed our nephew into the world! Clayton Bradley Kotzebue and he's perfect!! I'm so happy for my brother and sister in law! Isn't he just a doll!!

Then the rest of the month consisted of enjoying the Christmas season and relaxing time at the Ranch! I love Christmas decorations, music, all of it! We tried to take the kids to multiple Christmas shows around town so those were a lot of fun! Then on Sunday December 19th we took the kids to Kyle's parents church for a live Nativity Scene, games, puppet show...all that fun stuff! It was a great evening spent with my hubby and kiddos!

After we left I told Kyle to stop by Walgreens so I could pick up a test...yes...a pregnancy test! I was two weeks late and figured my cycle was just "off" again and I would need to call the doctor to get put on a stronger pill or something. I just KNEW I wasn't pregnant because I had been taking a low dose pill for months and I didn't feel pregnant at all!

So I went home, peed on a stick and there it was...I'm pregnant with baby #3!!!

I was honestly SHOCKED! I kept looking at it to make sure it was really a positive, which of course it didn't change! Not that I didn't want a third baby, I had baby fever bad! Especially with Mr. Clayton around and all the excitement of his birth I just couldn't wait to do it again but Kyle and I were planning on waiting until the spring/summer to start trying. God is more powerful than a pill or our own schedule so his plan won and our baby is due in August! We truly are so excited to have a third baby and I thank God so much for giving us this blessing!!

After I told Kyle (who couldn't believe it either! haha!) we started thinking of a fun way to tell our family! We thought of the perfect way but I'll post that next! So for the next few days before Christmas we kept it a secret!

I took the kids to get pictures with Santa and of course, like the past 2 years, Keaton did NOT want anything to do with him. We had been talking for weeks about seeing Santa but when we got up to him Keaton was petrified and didn't want to sit on his lap so I just threw Karter up there instead!

She wasn't too happy about that! =)

Then I talked Keaton into just talking to Santa and telling him what he wanted for Christmas and even though I pushed him and held him up there he was cool with it and was really excited in the end!!


Tiffany said...

Karter's outfit is so cute!! And I love the pictures with Santa... Keaton looks huge now!

Congratulations on baby 3. I can't wait to see if you get a baby brother or sister for the kiddos... in about 8 months? Are you sticking with K names?!

Stephanie said...

Wow..congrats!! How exciting for you guys!! Cant wait to hear how you told the family!

The Siegert Family said...

im soo happy for you guys on baby #3. I bet it was shocking but such a blessing. Are yall gonna be surprised again? Cant wait to hear how you told the fam. ps love Karters outfit. too cute

Alex Quinn 82 said...

Love the manger scene in the background! Can't believe next years Christmas is coming up so fast!Not everyone likes to wear the fancy holiday sweaters and colors to celebrate the holidays. A great way to incorporate the holidays with your wardrobe is to wear one of many holiday pins to show your enthusiasm for the season!