Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Belly Proud

I love Tori Spelling!  This summer she got a lot of attention (good and bad) about the swimsuit choices she decided to wear while being preggers.  I can't even believe it's an issue...she looked amazing and what's more beautiful than a pregnant woman?  I LOVED being pregnant and was never embarrassed about my belly, I loved my belly!!  There's nothing better than rubbing it and watching your baby move, knowing that you are growing a human inside you is a truth I still can't wrap my head around! 

So lately she has been posting some amazing blogs about being Belly Proud and I've loved them!  She also asked that if you are belly proud you post some pics of your own!  So here are the links to her blogs and here are my belly proud pics!

God's greatest gift and biggest miracle...LIFE! 

Belly Underwater in the Frio River!
 Baby Shower Belly!

 Belly Proud Friends!
 Belly in St. Martin!
 On the way to hospital!
Nothing better than belly kisses!!

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