Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NYC Baby!!

I have a lot of catching up to do with all the traveling we've been doing!  I'll start from the beginning...

This summer got kicked off in a big way with my first trip to NYC!!  I have always wanted to go there and didn't know when that would happen.  My country husband had no desire to go so I knew it would have to be a girls trip.  My sister in law, Amanda, called me one day and asked if I would want to go with her and her YES!!!!!!  So my mom and I packed it up with the 2 of them, my mother in law, Debbie, with her bff Debbie B. and Kyle's cousin Jami and her mom, Aunt Donna! The 8 of us headed to the city and had the time of our lives!  I loved it and WILL be back!!  =)

We ate amazing meals, went to the Statue of Liberty, Double Decker Tour Bus, NBC Tour, Ground Zero, Empire State Building (at midnight with no fun!!), Times Square, Central Park, FAO Schwartz, Tory Burch and lots of other shopping!!

I took lots of pictures but here are some pictures from my phone...

Me and my mom at dinner the first night!

 Go Bayside!!

 Me and my moms at the tour!

 We had to go to the famous Serendipity and get the Frozen Hot Chocolate...YUMMY!!!

 Me and Amanda celebrating Cinco de Mayo NYC style!!

We went to the DASH store and none of us were too impressed, it was pretty dull inside...get it together Kardashians!!  ;)

 By the end of the trip we were Subway pros!  Kind of.  OK not at all. 
Our Subway adventures were always funny!  We fell onto people when it took off, got half of the group on when the doors closed on the other half, locked on the wrong side of gates and snuck in with was eventful but we always found our way!  =)

Central Park tour!  One of our favorite activities!!

Last stop...Tory Burch!  I love anything TB and this store was AMAZEBALLS!!!  So pretty inside, you can totally tell it's made to allow celebrities shop in private.  I think I'll make it my NYC tradition to always go there and always bring back something TB fab!  This trip was a gorgeous bag! 

Until next time NYC!!  =)

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