Friday, March 18, 2011

Give a Little, Feel a LOT!!

So we know "when you give, you get", but you also FEEL SO GOOD!!!! I love knowing my money or purchase went to help someone out, find a cure, provide goods/service, anything!

Today there are 3 ways you could give back!

  1. Let me introduce you to my friend James! He is such a wonderful guy and has an amazing project that he needs help finishing! Please look over his blog and kickstarter page and hopefully you'll feel compelled to give a little! He soooo deserves this and I can't wait to watch all his hard work come to life on the big screen! =)
  2. Kyle and I are participating in the ALS Walk To Defeat next weekend in Houston and are asking for donations. This is special to us, as we lost Kyle's Pawpaw to ALS and saw how difficult the disease is to go through. I hope they find a cure soon so nobody has to suffer that way! Check out our website at
  3. Last but certainly not least you can shop all day today at Forever 21 and 100% of your purchase is donated to help Japan!! What an amazing way to give! You shop (LOVE!), get things you want and need (LOVE!), but also give to an amazing cause (LOVE!!!!)!
So go and give a little, you'll get and feel A LOT!!!!!!

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