Friday, April 1, 2011



Yes that's right! We are having a GIRL the first week of August!! I must say we're kind of shocked because after we had Keaton we kind of expected to have all boys and we'd be lucky to have a girl. Now it's looking like Keaton may be our only boy! =) We couldn't be happier! I told Kyle that I can remember from a very young age always saying, "I want to have 3 kids, a boy and then 2 girls! A boy first so he can protect his sisters!". HAHA! Crazy that's what I'm getting! God is GREAT!!!

Are you shocked we found out early? Well I didn't want to but Kyle did. At first I was going to let him be the only one to know but later after weeks of thinking that was our plan, we decided that it's too big of a special moment and whether it's at the ultrasound or birth, we needed to share that moment together! So then we went back and forth and came to this conclusion...we've already experienced it both ways...we found out with Keaton, and then waited and were surprised with Karter. Each way was just as equally awesome and each way has different pros. This time it felt right to find out early. Keaton would know who was coming because he's old enough now to really be involved and we could focus the birth on a specific baby arriving instead of constantly wondering, "WHAT IS IT????"! So there you have it, we found out and feel great about our decision!! =)

Kyle and I have had the name Kambry picked out since High School but then when I was pregnant with Karter we didn't know her sex and Carter was our boy name. Keaton just named my belly C/Karter and we fell in love with the name whether it was a boy or girl! So now I'm so happy to use the girl name we've had for so long! The middle name is after my mom, Donna Leah! A great lady to be named after...I love you mom!!!!!!!!!

Our ultrasound was on Thursday and we had the room filled! It was me, Kyle, Kyle's mom DeeDee, my mom Mo, Keaton, Karter, Uncle Bryce, and cousin Clayton! I apologized right when we walked in for our obnoxious group but they had told me I could bring whoever and they loved it! =) We were all so excited and nobody in the room really had a clue what it was, even at the end of the ultrasound we were clueless until she showed us the goods...or lack there of! =)

Keaton was really hoping for a brother and kept saying through the ultrasound, "Yup, it looks like a boy to me!". Haha! So when she said, "It's a girl!". His response was, "Awww, man!". It was very funny but he was laughing and smiling and he's coming around to the fact that he'll be surrounded by girls! I'm super excited because Karter and Kambry will only be one school year apart so I hope they'll be best friends! I'm already picturing the big bows and matching outfits...I LOVE IT!!!

After our ultrasound we went to my moms house to meet the rest of our family for dinner and the big reveal. We weren't sure if Keaton could keep the secret but he did, he didn't tell a soul...I was very impressed! Then we had everyone film their guess on camera and let Keaton share the name of his new sibling...

It was a perfect day and evening! I love that I got to experience knowing I was carrying my son when I was pregnant with Keaton, I had no idea who I was carrying with Karter but was pleasantly surprised when she came out, and now I get to experience knowing I'm carrying my daughter in me. It feels perfect to have experienced all the different ways! =) Glory to God!!!!

Proud parents and grandparents! (DeeDee's visor/sunglass combo says, "It's a Girl!)

Mommy and Daddy! We can't wait to meet Kambry!!


The Siegert Family said...

awhh girl Im soo happy for yall. What a true blessing. Your family is just soo amazing and love how you record all the viedos of each pregnancy.. congrats!! love her name

Holly said...

Sooooo excited for you! And you look so cute. Can't wait for more updates on Kambry.

Tiffany said...

Love the name! Congrats again on another kutie ;o)

Blondie said...

Kristin!!! I am so excited! Another beautiful Kotzebue baby! The name Kambry is simply perfect!! Congrats on baby #3!!