Monday, September 27, 2010

Karter's First Birthday Party

I had so much fun decorating and preparing for Karter's party! I can definitely say this is the most creative and crafty I've ever gotten and I had so much fun!! It was also a lot of work! Kyle kept asking me:

"why are you doing all this?"
"it would be easier if you just..."
"you're making this so much harder on yourself".

That is true but although it's work, I do it because I truly enjoy it and I love my kids and I want them to have an amazing party. For those of you that watch Tori and Dean HSH (if you don't watch you should!) there was a time when Tori (LOVE HER!!) was making adorable little marshmallow hay stacks and Dean gets onto her and asks her, "Why do you do all this? What does THIS mean to you?" and she just says, "LOVE!"

That's exactly how I feel! =)

We love you Karter Lynn and hope you had a wonderful first birthday party! =)

The drink and party favor table.

For our baby guests I put Gerber Puffs in glass baby food jars.
The adorable decorations I cut out were designed by TomKat Studios !

For the "big kids" I made these boxes out of 12x12 paper and had a sign that said, "Before you go and say goodbye, grab a box and fill it high!" So the kids just filled their boxes with yummy candy and snacks that we had out.

I decorated all the vases with ribbon and the cutouts.

The dessert table had ladybug cookies, jello, chocolate covered strawberries, licorice, jellybeans, cinnamon peppermints, apples and dip, cupcakes and the ladybug cake I made. The table turned out perfect except that I had planned on putting it outside where the backdrop wasn't that ugly wallpaper but it was so hot everything was melting so I had to bring it in which really stressed me out. I learned I need to be more flexible next time, ha!

These got a little smushed! Oh well! =)

I used food coloring to turn the chocolate chip cream cheese dip red so it would be more "ladybugish"! =) I put the decorative cutouts on lollipop sticks for cupcake toppers. As you can tell I got a lot of use out to the cutouts! =)

My smiley ladybug!!

She did not like that ladybug cake, haha!

In the end Kyle of course thanked me for all my hard work, he was never not appreciative he just doesn't understand. Few guys do...unless they're gay! =)


Toni said...

You did a FANTASTIC job!!! Love that you dyed the dip red. Love is in the details. :) Way to go.

The TomKat Studio

The Siegert Family said...

love all the details. Guys just dont understand sometie. Zach was the same way , but in the end they love it. Us mommies def do it for LOVE. and LOVE tori and dean. btw do you know when the new season is coming back?? if so, let me know. Karter is such a little doll

JoDee Hale said...

You did an amazing job on Karter's party! I loved and thought I noticed all your cute details... but it wasn't until I saw these pictures that I noticed Karter's red toenails! Adorable!!! All those ladybug details made the party so special- and Karter couldn't be sweeter!

Tiffany said...

Wow!!! I am so impressed Kristin! You did an amazing job and sweet Karter will be in awe at the love and attention to detail you put into this when she is older and starts planning her kids' birthday parties.

Cara said...

SO CUTE!! You did such a great job, Kristin!! I absolutely love all of the sweet details you thought of!

Blondie said...

looks like you hired a professional! great job. Karter and Keaton look so much alike to me. What precious angels you have! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARTER!

Drew Watts said...

Aww! She is such a happy baby. Adorable! First birthdays are always amazing. I remember I booked one of the finest event venues Chicago for my son’s first birthday party. It was a fantastic one! Anyways, this is a superb post and I loved everything about this party.