Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost 36 Weeks!

So I have been a HORRIBLE blogger!

My pregnancy is almost OVER...CRAY-Z!!!!!

I'm feeling great! This has been another easy pregnancy! I'm not miserable where I just want her out right now like some people get...but I am super super excited to meet her and just hold her and have someone around the house that small again! =)

Keaton is really excited for her and I know he'll do great! Karter just LOVES babies so I have a feeling she's going to be all over her! It will be cute but hopefully she wont also be jealous and want mommy to hold her all the time instead! That can be really hard/annoying when you're trying to nurse an upset baby! We'll all get used to her though, Im just so freaking excited! =)

The ridiculous swelling in my legs and feet hasn't started yet but no doubt it's right around the corner! I do have major heartburn every evening but besides that things are pretty normal! I love feeling her move all around in my belly, it's so amazing!! Keaton loves feeling her move too and he'll sit and watch TV with me with his hands on my sweet! If you ask Karter where Kambry or Sissy is she'll lift up my shirt and say, " belly!" Even if I'm wearing a dress she tries to lift it up to see the belly, for some reason pointing to it from the outside apparently just isn't good enough for her! =)

Right now we're in the process of decorating Karter a new "big girl" room and moving Kambry's newborn stuff right into Karter's old nursery. I figured we already have a girl baby room ready so why get anything new?? Karter's room is coming along and is going to look so cute! Pictures will for sure be posted once it's done! My uber talented friend JoDee is making her bedding and it looks AMAZING!!! She is so good at sewing and it is something that will be so special and Karter can use from childhood into her teenage years! Yes Karter, this furniture and bedding is yours until you're married...ENJOY! =)

I'm still nervous about removing Karter from her crib...I fear that naps will be finished after that but we'll see! Maybe the transition will be great, I'd just prefer to wait until she were 2.5 or so but 22 months will have to do! I'll let you know how it goes, wish us luck!!

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JoDee said...

Karter's quilt is finished! Whoo hoo! Just waiting to hear about the shams... fingers crossed they're finished soon!