Sunday, August 31, 2008


The other day I decided to go lay out and relax with a book while Keaton was taking a nap. Flys, jumping bugs, and any other type of insect were swarming around making sure that relaxation was impossible to reach. Then I swatted a "fly" off my leg and when it started to sting, I jumped up screaming inside! A yellow jacket had stung me!! First it looked like this...

just a small swollen spot. I put some ice on it and later went to sleep thinking it was no big deal. When I woke up it was about as big as a baseball and itched like crazy! Still no big deal...but as the day went on it turned into a softball and then as big as my head! I think I can add yellow jackets to my list of allergies! =)

The pictures dont even do it justice but you can see on the right of this pic how it is swollen and all that redness was puffed up!

This next picture is from underneath my leg. (you can see the stripes on my skin from my chair!) =) See how it was bulging out!

I saw some more buzzing around so Kyle went and bought this and even though you really can't see it in the pic, we've already caught about 30-40 of them!! Revenge! =)


Cara said...

OUUUUCCCCCCHHHHH! That looks HORRIBLE! I've been stung twice, on my FACE both times! I'm pretty much terrified of any type insects now. :)

Jenny said...

That looks VERY painful! I am glad to see you guys are doing well. I can't believe how big Keaton has gotten. He is absolutely adorable. Hope to see you guys soon.

Kimmie said...

OMG chica. That is aweful. Im not allergic to stinging bugs but have def had my fair share of stings and in itself, its painful. My goodness, I hope the swelling goes down and that you are ok. STAY IN THE HOUSE, haha.