Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not A Baby Anymore

Well Keaton is definatley not the little baby that I brought with me to Colorado in March! He is turning into such a little boy and blows me away everyday with something new that he's doing! He's running, starting to talk (he still has babble conversations like he knows exactly what he's saying!), he climbs all over his playground, plays chase with me, gives hugs, blows kisses, he's just so much fun! Today we went on a "hike" around our house and he picked up tons of sticks, pinecones, and rocks to throw! He would stay outside all day if I let him!

Yes he's wearing a windbreaker and diaper...who needs pants?

After his nap we went down to the river for a little swim. Of course he picked up rocks there too and thought it was so cool when you throw them in the water and hear that "thoomp" noise and see it splash!

End of the day and he's ready for his bath! =)


Cara said...

He is just SO adorable, Kristin. And I agree - who needs pants? ;)

Kimmie said...

Wow two did great with little/big man :) He is just becoming quite the adventure seaker and CO is def the place to do it. Keep the pics and stories coming because I love to read how happy all of you are.

Carrie Zobac said...

I just want to pick him up and hug him!!! I miss him so much...and you and Kyle too, of course!!! All my love! Big Sis

Anonymous said...

love to find him alone in the woods like that nothing much to take off before I enjoy his sweet, tight, warm little arse I know I can get enough in him so he feels me cum