Tuesday, September 8, 2009

37 Weeks and 3 Days!

Well little C/Karter is doing great! We went to the doctor today and everything was good, heart rate was 144. The big news is that we're going to be meeting the little guy or girl in exactly a week!! Yes that's right, I'm being induced on Tuesday, September 15th!! It seems soooo surreal! We've been so busy lately and when you already have a "baby" to look after you're just not thinking about your pregnancy every second like you did with your first so when delivery date gets here it's like, "Whoa!! Really?? Already?". I can't believe I'll have 2 kids in a week!! So please keep our growing family in your prayers and pray for a healthy little baby to be brought into this world! =) Brought EASILY into this world would be nice! hehe! =)

So why am I being induced?? My family has BIG babies...you think that's funny but seriously! Me, all my cousins, and most of my nieces and nephews have all been 10+ pounds, including an 11lb 7oz!! So when I was pregnant with Keaton I told her my concern about this and she ended up monitoring his weight and induced me 5 days early and he ended up being 9lb. 2.5 oz. The delivery was pretty dramatic and I ended up having to stay 2 extra days in the hospital. Soooo, this time around she's been monitoring the weight again and baby is measuring just like Keaton so she decided to induce at 38 weeks instead of 39 like we did last time. She's thinking the baby will then be a 7-8 pounder so we'll see! I can't wait!!

I've loved C/Karter since the moment I saw a positive sign on that stick but on one hand I'm kinda sad that Keaton wont be my only baby anymore. I know this probably makes no sense to some of you (especially if you don't have kids yet) because I remember my sister talking about how much love she had for her one son and couldn't imagine loving another child so much. I thought she was so silly...of course you can love all your kids, it sounded ridiculous! But now that I know that love you have for your child I completely understand where she was coming from and after talking to all my friends that have more than one kid I found out they all felt the same way! You're excited about number 2 but apart of you is sad because you love your first child soooo much and you don't want your time with them, or attitude toward them to change at all. I know my heart will only grow and I'll love them both unconditionally but right now I want to soak up every second I have with Mr. Keaton! =)

Oh and talk about perfect timing... thank you God!! We're settled into our new "home"! After all the hard work we're now living here and loving it! Keaton got new bunk beds and I'm in the process of decorating his room so I'll be sure to post pics of that! Now all we need is to hang a few more things on the wall and bring C/Karter home and we'll be all settled in!! =) I can't wait and feel so blessed!
Keaton's first night in his new bed. He loves it, can't you tell!! =)


Cara said...

Ahhh!! I can't believe C/Karter will be here next week! HOW EXCITING! I'm so glad you guys are all settled into the new place and that you are loving it. Your sweet new home is all ready for your sweet new baby! :)

Bradi said...

I'm soooo excited to finally meet C/Karter! I can't wait to know if it will be a "C" or "K"....him or her!!! So exciting! I'm glad you're in the house finally! I heard you had a garage sale there last weekend...and that you charge an arm and a leg for Cabbage Patch dolls! :) Let me know if we can do anything to help next week!

Kimmie said...

I am so unbelievably excited for you guys chica. Time seems like it has flown by and I will def pray for an easy pregnancy for you :) Everything has worked out perfectly. Now you can just enjoy your last week before baby C/K.

Roni said...

Glad he is enjoying his bed! He looks so grown up!

Good luck next week. Can't wait to hear how healthy he/she is!!