Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canada and More!

September has started so that means tons of new things are going on at Scentsy!!

1. September's warmer of the month is this adorable Jack-O-Lantern and the Scent of the Month is Spiced Carmel Sugar...YUM! This warmer and scent is 10% off this month so get it before Halloween! I also started Kristin's Scent of the Month Club that you can join so check that info out on my website: www.scentsy.com/kristinkotzebue or contact me at kkotz04@hotmail.com for more info!

2. Anyone Know Anyone in CANADA!?! Do you live in Canada? Starting October 1st, Scentsy will have the ability to sell to and recruit team members in Canada. There aren't ANY consultants in Canada right now. Just imagine if you could be the very first consultant in an entire country. Your team would grow massively and so would your paycheck. Canadians have an amazing opportunity to get in on the company while it is brand new to their area. The first Scentsy consultant in America brings in a nice little paycheck of $75K a month! Wouldn't that be nice! =) You can sign up from my website starting Oct 1st to become one of the first Canadian consultants! Contact me if you, a friend, or relative that lives in Canada that would be interested!

-New Mid-sized warmers $25 (these are smaller than the normal warmers, yet bigger than a plug-in)
-Travel tins $5 -Scentsy System now $40 instead of $44
- Plug In Packages available now!! We also have plug ins available in lots of new colors!

4. NEW SCENTS: Most of the old favorites are still available but now there are lots of new scents for the winter months! Just to name a few newbies...Pomegranate Ice, Spiced Grapefruit, Christmas Tree, Coconut Macaroon, Cutiepie Cupcake, Coffee Shop, Mochadoodle, and MANY more!

5. Christmas is right around the corner so if you're wanting to earn free product for yourself or as Christmas gifts then get with me now to book your party! Obviously since I'm having a baby in about 2 weeks Sept. is the best month for basket parties. This is when you take my bag of smaller scent testers, catalogs, and order forms to work, your kids games/practices, share it with family and friends, anyone you can think of! It's an easy way to make lots of sales and earn your free stuff without having an actual party at your house. You can keep my stuff for a week or two while you make your rounds and then when you bring it back to me, we calculate how much free stuff you've earned! =) EASY!


Tiffany said...

OH NO!!! I don't think I can wait til after baby C/Karter comes to have a party now! I am so tempted by all the new stuff!!! Hmm.... what dates are you available? :0)

Kimmie said...

New stuff, I love it. All of those scents sounds amazing. The Xmas Tree def caught my attention and I will def have to have one of those when it comes out. I havent even received a catalog (I couldnt make the initial kick-off party) so if you could mail one to me or something, that would be wonderful.
Of if Tiff has a party, I can def order then :)

LV said...

so i'm thinking I want to order something. I will let you know. But totally off subject... Do you go to a playgroup and if so, is it open to having more kids come? I'm looking for a new one and don't have many friends with kids so I geuss just let me know. thanks!

Cara said...

I ordered some stuff last night off of your website! Picking out the scents online was pretty funny because I asked Patrick "What do you like to smell? Like, what are your favorite scents?" and he replied with "I like 50 Cent!".

So very helpful. ;)