Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rodeo and Girls Night

We took the kiddos to our town rodeo and had so much fun! Keaton made a very handsome cowboy and loved watching the horses! The barrel racing was his favorite, he takes after his momma! =) Karter was an angel and slept most of the time. The next morning we went to the parade and Keaton had a blast catching candy and of course an even better time eating it!

My favorite cowboy!

Yeehaw Yall!!

My little princess!

Just the 4 of us!

Kyle left that weekend for a bachelor party in New Orleans so my parents kept the kiddos for me so I could have my own night out...YAY!! Some girlfriends and I went out to eat some yummy Mexican food, drink delicious margaritas, and catch up on some much needed girltalk! Then we went out for some dancing and of course more girltalk! Mommies so need these kind of nights!

Me and Summer catching up!! Love ya girl!

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