Thursday, February 25, 2010


OK so I usually don't use this blog as a soapbox, OK I never use this blog as my soapbox but today I'm going to!

Why is it so hard for people to RSVP???

I seriously think that people these days have a fear (or something) of making plans! Are they afraid something better will come up? How rude is that??!!

I think it's selfishness! I think they have a number of things running through their head like...

~Something better might come up
~That's a Sunday and I might be tired that day so I'll just see how I feel.
~Gosh that's a far drive, I'll see if I feel up to the trip that day.
~I don't know if I'll know anybody so I don't think I'll go.


These are all so selfish! Don't people realize that when you're invited to a wedding shower, baby shower, birthday party, dinner out, or any sort of get together that someone is hosting and it takes a lot of work! There's always a hostess involved that is working their ass off to cook and clean so when you cancel the day of (or better yet, never RSVP and just don't show up or call at all!) you've just wasted their time!! There is also a guest of honor involved (bride, mom-to-be, etc) who invited you because you're special to her so if you show up it means the world to her and if you don't she's going to miss you and wonder why you couldn't make it!

People need to stop being so selfish, make plans, and stick to them!!!

Now of course this doesn't include the legitimate reasons for not coming, you can't ALWAYS make things. That's when you RSVP ahead of time that you can't make it, duh! =) Or if something urgent does come up, you need to call!! You can't just not show up or say anything!

Haven't you ever not been too excited to go somewhere but then once you got there you started enjoying yourself and by the time you leave you're so glad that you went in the first place!!?!!

So next time you've told someone you'll be somewhere but then you get tired, or whatever your excuse is...get yourself up and go anyway because you've made a commitment to someone and you need to stick to it! Once you're there you'll be so glad you made it! But even if you would rather be home, again, it's not always about you so suck it up for 2 hours, geez!!!

If you do this often I hope this opens your eyes to the people that you might hurt. Always put yourself in their position! If you were cleaning/cooking/baking to host an event wouldn't you want your friends to show up to support you, even if it required a little inconvenience or work on their part?!! It's called effort people! Make an effort to be places and to support friends and family!!

OK I think I've gotten that all off my chest and I'm stepping down, off my soapbox! For now at least! =)


Stephanie said... took the words straight out of my mouth! I swear I could have wrote that, because its EXACTLY how I feel!
I have thrown so many baby showers, bdays, ect that people dont understand how much work, time and money goes into them.

I'm off my soapbox now too :)

Cara said...

You tell 'em, Kristin! I cannot stand flaky people!

Melissa said...

I absolutely HATE when people dont RSVP, I can say I have forgotten too, but I try 99% of the time to do that, how can a person plan for a party if they dont know how many to plan for! Ugh, James' family DOES NOT RSVP! I hate it!

Blondie said...

Ok, I hope you don't mind but, I AM COPYING THIS WHOLE POST! I will just paste it right in. It is the most annoying thing in the world. YOU SAID IT SISTA! When I was little I was taught to always RSVP by the date on the invite so people could plan accordingly, when and why did this expectation stop? Why even do a "freakin" invite, why not just spread the word by mouth? AARRRGGGHHHH!

*sorry- 1st time I missed punctuation and can't stand those mistakes so I fixed it (so I thought). Then I reread and deleted the wrong thing. This one is staying reguardless. =)

JoDee Hale said...

I've never seen you so fired up! I LIKE IT! :)

Dirk & Christina Dunlap said...

AMEN! I agree totally!

Kristin said...

I'm glad yall liked it and YES Darby copy it and let the word be heard!! hehe! =)