Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out With The Old

Hello!! So much has been going on and I have plenty of pics and videos of the kids to share but today I just have time to let everyone know what's being discontinued from Scentsy. We're getting a brand new catalog for March with some new scents and warmers so I can't wait to see it! If you see a scent you love or a warmer you had your eye on that's being discontinued I would order it now for 10% off because it's only availabe while supplies last! Let me know if you have any questions!!

Discontinued Scents:
African Mahogany
Boysenberry Moss
Christmas Tree
Coconut Citrus Parfait-so sad about this one, I will be ordering LOTS!
Coconut Macaroon
Coffee Shop
Cozy Fireside
Grapefruit Berry
Holiday Chai
Holiday Kiss
Key Lime Cookie
Olive Wood & Cypress
Poinsettia Pine
Pomegranate Ice
Raspberry Danish
Red Berry Tea
Red Chili Masala
Spiced Grapefruit
Spruce & Citrus
Winter Wonderland
Taj Mahal

Discontinued Warmers:
Treasure Cheast
Jack O’Latern


Melissa said...

i keep meaning to ask you need to switch out the light bulbs ever-so-often? the light still works, but it seems like it doesnt get as warm as it used too so the wax doesnt melt all the way or you dont get that strong sent that i used too, any suggestions??? i sent LOVE it though! and still have wax!

Melissa said...

*i STILL love....LOL silly me

Kristin said...

You shouldn't have to change the bulb until it completely goes out! The wax will always be there though, it doesn't disappear like a candle does, only the scent leaves the wax so if it's not smelling anymore you probably just need to dump that wax out and put some new cubes in! =) I'm so glad you're loving it! We're getting a new catalog in March so I can't wait to see all the new stuff!

Melissa said...

ok i will try that then! eww fun i need some plug-ins!!