Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potty Training

Warning...this post will be very boring to some, very helpful to others! =)

I was really dreading potty training! I've heard such horror stories about it so I wasn't looking forward to it. Keaton started showing an interest in July but I didn't push anything because Karter was coming soon and I heard boys take forever to potty train so I just let him have fun with it and go in the potty whenever he wanted to. Then sure enough he lost interest and stopped it all together. That was pretty much what I was expecting and I just planned on waiting until after Karter was here and we had more time to really work at it before we picked it up again.

Fast forward to December and we decided to start potty training seriously! I went and bought a small poster board, a variety of cool stickers and some M&M's. I also bought a Dr. Seuss book and 2 coloring books to give away as prizes. So then with the poster board I made a "Prize Board" which just has squares on it and a different prize on every 5th or so square. Prizes varied from a dessert treat, a coloring book, going to the park, going to jump, Chuck E Cheese! Each time he went in the potty he would get one sticker to put on his Prize Board and one M&M (2 stickers and 2 M&M's for going deuce!). I know one M&M doesn't sound like much but he has LOVED getting his sticker and M&M and never asks for more! I thought he would because let's be honest, the kid has eaten a whole bag of M&M's before but for this it works out great!

Pee was much easier than number 2! hehe! He would pee in the potty every time but when he had to poo, he'd just go in the pull up. So finally I just took him out of the pull ups and voila...he started pooping in the potty too! Just like my friend said, "they know they can go in their pants when they're wearing pull ups so just don't use them!"

He finished his first prize board and when I made the 2nd one I made the prizes on each 10th square instead. Once we're done with this one I think I'll drop the prize board and just do the M&Ms and then once they're gone, that's the end of the potty prizes! =)

With using this system he is almost 100% potty trained! He's had probably 3 accidents total in the last 3 weeks! When we were shopping in Target a couple weeks ago he looked at me and said he had to go teetee, I wanted to say, "Just go in your diaper, we're in a hurry!" haha! Of course I didn't say that and we hustled over to the restroom! =) He's doing so great and I'm so proud of him!

Good luck to all you other potty training moms! I hope this works for you and you have as good of luck as I did!!


Stephanie said...

I've been there girl!!
Sounds like he is doing great!!!
I am going to give that idea to a friend of mine thats about to start potty training!!

Cara said...

That little video was too cute! I'll be sure to remember this for future reference! :)

The Siegert Family said...

thanks for the help. I have started the potty training process too with Avery.. well kinda.. sometimes she goes and sometimes.. not so much. I will have to try these tips. I thought about m&m's actually but she isnt much on chocolate so we might have to improvise on that. thanks for the help. He is doing great and is such a cutie patootie..

Kimmie said...

I love how excited he seems about his prize board and his little giggles. You are doing great woman. I will def place these ideas in the memory bank for the future, haha.

Blondie said...

you are such a "teacher" (haha)!!! I love it! I am so proud of lil Keaton!! He is sooo handsome too. What a great idea you had, and I am glad to see it worked for you! I will def. spread the word to friends!

Roni said...

That is almost exactly what I did with Caden...I don't remember with Logan though!! Hehe...aren't little boy underwear the cutest thing ever?! GO KEAT'ON as my boys would say!

Melissa said...

what an awesome idea and a fun way to learn! thats all its about it having fun while learning! i will keep this stored in the back of my mind when it becomes my turn! :)

Stephanie said...

I just sent another friend to your Scentsy site! (Emily)
Just wanted you to know you will probably be getting an order soon! :)