Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Baby Girl

Karter is growing so much and is just PURE JOY!!! She is such a good baby! She's sleeping through the night and during the day when she's awake she's always smiling and laughing until she gets tired and then goes right down for a nap...most days, ha! Her smile and laughter just melts my heart! Here's a video of Daddy making her laugh. I don't know who's laugh is more funny, Kyle or Karter!?! =)


Melissa said...

this is too cute! i just love when they laugh!

Bradi said...

She's so cute! She still looks just like Keaton to me!!

Blondie said...

you are right!! Kyle's laugh is HILARIOUS! Karter is just beautiful! We need to get together soon! I want to see those babies! <3 ya!