Friday, July 16, 2010

6 Year Wedding Anniversary

I love my hubby so much!

You know that Brad Paisley song, "I Thought I Loved You Then"? I love that song because that's exactly how I feel. I thought I was in love in High School (which I was but you get the point!) and then we went to college and fell more in love, then we got married and I thought I loved him more than ever, but then as the years have gone by and we've had babies together I've fallen even MORE in love with my hubby when I didn't even know I could!

This year was our 6 year anniversary and my hubby had been telling me for months we were going away for the weekend. A weekend away together...I couldn't wait!!! I had no idea where we were going but I was excited. About a week or two before our anniversary Kyle said there had been some changes in the plans but we were still getting away, just somewhere different. Turns out he had made reservations at La Villa Vista on Lake Travis but they called him and said due to all the rain the side of their building had fallen down with erosion or something so they were closed for construction. RANDOM!! Ha! But it was a blessing in disguise because he then made reservations at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa and it was AMAZING!!

We arrived Friday, July 9th, just in time to check into our room and get changed for our dinner reservations. We ordered wine, a delicious appetizer and filet mignon for dinner. It was delicious and such a romantic dinner! Then we went to the bar and had a couple drinks together before bed. I slept so good knowing I could actually sleep in the next morning since there weren't kids to wake me up! =)

The next morning was our actual anniversary...July 10!!! =) After I got dressed he gave me a shipping package that I opened and discovered 2 of those famous blue/green boxes. You know the ones...Tiffany's! Of course I was excited as I opened the first of the two boxes. It was a "Return to Tiffany" heart charm just like the one on my necklace he had given me for our 3 year anniversary.

I looked at him and said, "Hummm, what could this heart go to since I already have the necklace and bracelet?"

His face immediately looked confused as I opened the second box and pulled out a bracelet that the charm was to go on. He then said, "When did you get the bracelet?" I couldn't remember where or when he had previously given it to me but we were cracking up because I knew I already had the gift! He said he'd believe it when he saw it.

So sure enough we get home and I show him the bracelet and after some detective work looking at pictures we figured out he gave it to me during our Colorado Christmas in 2008. Haha, sad neither of us could remember I know! So now the good news is I get to go to Tiffany's in person and exchange it for something fab...can't wait! =)

Then we went to a delicious breakfast where I was told the entire menu could be made gluten free!!! WHAT??? That's awesome! After yummy waffles and french toast we rented some bikes and rode around to check out the entire place.

Then we headed to the pool for some relaxation before our hour long couples massage!

Don't we look relaxed! I think Kyle might actually be sleeping! =)

After our massages we went back to the pool and laid out, swam, floated in the lazy river, and read for the entire afternoon. We also sat by the pool and ate yummy nachos and Parmesan french fries. If you've never had Parmesan fries I highly recommend you try them! =)

Our last evening. =(

On Sunday we ate another delicious breakfast before hitting the road to come home. As always I was so excited to see the kids! That place was actually an amazing place to bring kids! I hope to go back with our family or friends and all the kids because it would be such a fun time with them!

We had such an amazing time together, thanks for my surprise Kyle, I love you always and forever!


The Siegert Family said...

Happy Happy late Anniversary. It looks like yall had a FABULOUS time. I need one of those vaca's. he he

Melissa said...

planning one ourselves for sepy o cant wait!! cute bathing suit, whered you get it???

Kristin said...

Thanks Shanna!

Melissa I got it from Victoria's Secret, they have the best!!

Paige Reynolds said...

That Kyle, he's a keeper, isn't he! What a thoughtful and romantic getaway... that beats the cupcake and champagne party for sure! Happy 6 years, you guys are too cute together!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin, I randomly came across you blog as I was getting off this thing. I don't get on it like you "young folk" do. :-) I just wanted to say that I am so happy that YOU are so happy. Love is the best thing, and it seems that you have found your soul mate. He's a lucky man to have you!

Mary (Cara's Mom)

smile steady said...

You guys look great! Happy (very belated) Anniversary!

Joy said...

So glad y'all had a sweet time celebrating your marriage...y'all are THE cutest!!