Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I have a lot to catch up on but this post will just be Halloween! =)

We seemed to "celebrate" it quite a lot this year! We had a costume parade at Keaton's school one day, his class party another day, a Halloween play date, and last but not least on the big day...my moms annual Halloween party before trick or treating! All of it was a lot of fun and wonderful memories were made! Keaton picked out his Darth Vadar costume months ago and Karter was an adorable lamb!

Darth during the Halloween Parade at school...Karter just saying hi to him! =)

Halloween Playdate...you've heard of pull my finger?? =) Karter and Landry!

Trying to get all the kids together!

Mr. Keaton =)

My mom always throws an amazing party with a different menu each year and she always blows us away!!

Snake Pizza (this was before it was cooked!)

Witch Cheeseball!

Cookie Fingers!

Mice!! (chocolate covered strawberries!)

It was a great Halloween! Hope yall had a great one too!!


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Tiffany said...

I love her little costume!! And those snacks are awesome! I guess I need to learn to make cute stuff like that for the Halloween birthday parties we are likely to have in the future!