Monday, November 22, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I have a lot of family members and friends that are pregnant right now and wanted to share some of my favorite mommy finds that you wont find at Babies R Us! =)

  1. Bestever Mats: These are so soft and babies just love them! They're great to lay on the floor for your newborn to sleep on top of and as they get older they're great to snuggle with! Karter LOVES these!
  2. Mabels Labels: These are great for labeling clothes, shoes, lunchboxes, bags, anything!! If your baby will be in daycare these are a must! I never really needed them until this year when Keaton started school and they told me everything needed to be labeled. These work great and are also very stylish and cute! I bought the classic school pack under the combo packs!
  3. Hooter Hider: I nursed both my babies and let's be honest you don't want to always leave to go to a confined room all by yourself but you also don't want to just pop a boob out so these are a great way to nurse in public! They completely cover you up but the top allows you to easily look down and see your baby. Since it goes around your neck your baby can't pull it off of you like they can a blanket. I love mine!!!
  4. Inchbug: These are so great for sippie cups. They can go in the dishwasher and are very secure so you don't have to worry about them falling off! Super cute too! =)
  5. Etsy: I LOVE Etsy!! Now that I have a girl I am all about pillowcase dresses, tutu's, ruffles and bows! I also bought Keaton's napmat for school on Etsy. You can find tons on Etsy and it's adorable and handmade! Here are some that I've used and know they are fantastic! My friend Micheala's shop and the Olive Tree.
  6. Ellie Bean Sling: My friend makes these and I love them! I tried different slings with Keaton and they killed my back, I hardly ever used them. I got this one with Karter and I loved it! She always fell right asleep in it and it was so convenient!
  7. Ritzy Baby: they have the cutest car seat covers! I didn't have one for the infant seat but I did buy Karter one for her toddler seat and it's so cute! So pretty and well made and very easy to take off if a diaper happens to burst! Although we moms know that never happens, right?? Bahahahaha!
Hope you found something you liked and let me know if you have a favorite that I need to know about! =)



Tiffany said...

Mabels Labels!!! Did you get your free set?

Have you used any mei tei slings? People have been recommending those to me for Quinn because I still feel like I need at least one hand on her when she is in my ring sling or hotsling.

I <3 Etsy!!!

Melissa said...

I love Etsy! Thats were I got Braden's "1" birthday onesy made! I love all of these other finds! Too cool!